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Dr Oz: Barbra Streisand Heart Disease, Body Clock & Homeless Charity

Dr Oz March 31 2015 Barbra Streisand visited Dr Oz on March 31 to speak... 

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Dr Oz: Acetaminophen Liver Failure, Social Drinking Crutch + Back Pain

Dr Oz March 30 2015 Dr Oz shared an alert about Acetaminophen on the March... 

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Dr Oz Back Pain: Foam Rollers + IcyHot Smart Relief TENS Therapy

Dr Oz: At-Home Solutions for Back Pain Dr Oz asked his audience “what... 

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Dr Oz: Cut Back On Social Drinking, Replace the Ritual + Diary

Dr Oz: Cut Back On Social Drinking Sometimes you just want to relax with... 

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Dr Oz: Using Wine as a Crutch & Social Drinking Vs Alcoholism

Dr Oz: What’s Your Truth? Do you sometimes like to unwind with a... 

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Dr Oz: Avocado Lemon Coffee Mask Home Remedy + Garlic Extract for Lice

Dr Oz: Debi Mazar Entertainer Debi Mazar has had an interesting career,... 

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Dr Oz: Deadly Acetaminophen Overdose Risk Factors & Liver Failure

Dr Oz: How You Can Overdose on Acetaminophen Dr Oz warned about the consequences... 

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Dr Phil: Liar Has No Remorse After Reporting Baby Mama for Kidnapping

Dr Phil: A Husband Who Can’t Tell the Truth Melisa came to Dr Phil... 

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Dr Oz: Acetaminophen Warning & The Plan To Control Drinking

Dr Oz March 30 2015 Wellbuzz update: Here are the segments from this show. Dr... 

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Dr Oz: Worry Vs Insomnia + Plan for Better Sleep | Ken Burns Cancer

Dr Oz March 27 2015 Dr Oz spent most of the March 27 episode exploring... 

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Emperor of All Maladies: Ken Burns Documentary On History of Cancer

Dr Oz: Ken Burns Presents Cancer Dr Oz put the spotlight on a new documentary... 

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Dr Oz: Name Your Feelings & Release Indecision To Get Better Sleep

Dr Oz: Stop Worrying and Go To Sleep Do you have trouble getting to sleep... 

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Shut Down Nighttime Worrying: Debunk Your Worries & Clear the Fear

Dr Oz: Shut Down Nighttime Worrying Dr Oz and expert Gabrielle Bernstein... 

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Dr Oz: Worry-Insomnia Connection + Facing Challenges with Grace

Dr Oz: What’s Your Truth? Are you one of the millions of Americans... 

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Normal Or Nuts? Food Edition: Picky Eating, Sharing Food + Etiquette

Dr Oz: Am I Normal Or Nuts? Food Habits Dr Oz asked a panel of experts... 

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Dr Oz: Normal Or Nuts? Quirky Food Habits + Worry Vs Sleep

Dr Oz March 27 2015 Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show. Normal... 

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Dr Oz: Street Medicine, Sleep Meditation Tricks & Blending Vs Juicing

Dr Oz March 26 2015 Dr Oz had a jam-packed hour of advice and inspiration... 

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Street Medicine Institute: Dr Jim Withers Treats the Homeless for Free

Dr Oz: Dr Jim Withers Dr Oz introduced a doctor that you mind find in... 

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