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Dr Oz Show: March 1, 2012 Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from March 1, 2012- Three Health Tests Every Man Needs. It’s hater-aid time! Doctor Oz takes on those men who say they hate him. According the guys, Dr Oz is […]

Dr Oz: Dry Itchy Skin Cures Dr Oz spoke about remedies on today’s show, like Nettle Tea for Allergies.  What about a remedy for people with dry skin?  You think you are moisturize properly but you still have dry, itchy skin. What are you doing wrong? On today’s show, Dr Oz is joined by Dermatologist, […]

Dr Oz: Drugstore Remedies You’re tired of spending endless amounts of money on drugstore remedies for your common cold or allergies. Lets cure our problems with Healthy Body Remedies instead!  On today’s show, Dr Oz is joined by Pharmacist, Nancy Nkansah, to give you the secret over-the-counter remedies to help cure your common ailments. The […]

What Medications Should Not Be Mixed With Alcohol? Unless you’ve been under a rock the past few months, you’ve heard about the death of Pop Icon Whitney Houston. Although the cause of death has not been officially determined, allegedly legal prescriptions and alcohol were found in her room the night of her death. And who […]

Dr Oz: Men’s Health Questions Dr Oz spoke about 3 Health Tests Men Need, but what about the more obscure health questions?  What’s normal and what’s not? And are Man Boobs or Moobs normal? On today’s Dr Oz Show, 3 wives joined Doctor Oz to ask 3 health questions they were too afraid to ask […] – Husbands vs Dr Oz Men hate Dr Oz and here’s why; for years, Doctor oz has given health advice to their wives (like the 5 Health Tests Men Need) and, in turn, their wives “nag” their husbands into taking Dr Oz’s advice to live a longer, healthier life. (Ha! I love it!) It’s […]

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