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Dr Oz Show: April 2, 2012 Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from April 2, 2012-Dr Oz’s Supermarket Survival Guide. Want to eat better but don’t know what to shop for? Dr Oz takes you to the grocery store to help you […]

Dr Oz: Healthy Boxed Cake Bake Off Doctor Oz had you send in your healthy cake recipes made from boxed cakes. He received thousands of entries. Out of those thousands, Dr Oz picked the best 3 to complete in his very first healthy boxed cake bake off. With the help of Celebrity Chef, Aaron, “Big […]

Dr Oz: Healthy Kids Meals Not only do you want to eat healthy, you want your kids to eat healthy as well. On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Weight Watchers Leader, Liz Josefsberg, to prepare a healthy, delicious meal that even a kid can make. (Seriously, Liz brought her kids along and each […]

Dr Oz Transformation Nation Dr Oz’s Supermarket Survival Guide and his Supermarket Secrets provided us with fabulous grocery shore tips, but how do we know if our diets are working?  You’ve signed up for Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation-Million Dollar You! You’ve gone through all the steps and now you’re at the end. Dr Oz’s final step […]

Dr Oz’s Supermarket Secrets Did you know that your supermarket has tricks to get you to spend more money? (Why should they be different from any other business?) On today’s show, Doctor Oz is joined by Supermarket Insider, Sue Perry, to give you all the dirty little secrets of your supermarket. Sue says all supermarkets […]

Dr Oz’s Supermarket Survival Guide You head to the supermarket every week, looking to purchase healthy items, but in the end, you end up buying the same unhealthy foods. Supermarkets can be very intimidating with the endless decisions about what to buy. With the help of Celebrity Chef, “Big Daddy”, Nutritionist, Kate Gaegan and Fitness […]

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