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Dr Oz Show: April 3, 2012 Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from April 3, 2012-What the Yuck!? You’re Grossest Questions Answered! Do you have questions you’re too embarrassed to ask your doctor? Dr Oz discusses the answers to some of your […]

Dr Oz: Kathy Freston’s 10 Minute Beauty Plan Are you looking for a quick and easy beauty plan that will make you look 10 years younger? Dr Oz was joined by Health Activist, Kathy Freston, to give you the ultimate 10-minute beauty plan to make you look a decade younger. The best part is that […]

Dr Oz Philly Cheesesteak Recipe If you think you can’t have a delicious Philly Cheesesteak with no meat, you’re wrong. Health Activist, Kathy Freston, joined Dr Oz to prepare a healthy Philly cheesesteak. (Never thought I’d see healthy and Philly cheesesteak in the same sentence!) Dr Oz put Kathy’s cheesesteak to the test with 3 […]

Dr Oz: Strawberry Pudding Recipe Are you looking to reshape your body? Doctor Oz is joined by Health Activist and Best-Selling Author of The Lean: A Revolutionary (and Simple!) 30-Day Plan for Healthy, Lasting Weight Loss, Kathy Freston, to show you the all-natural way to get in shape—in only 30 days! Forget the diet pills […]

Dr Oz: Most Embarrassing Health Questions Have a totally embarrassing question you’re too afraid to ask your doctor? Inspired by the book, What the Yuck?: The Freaky and Fabulous Truth About Your Body written by Dr. Roshini Raj, on today’s show, Dr Oz answers all of your most outrageous health questions. Find out what to […]

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