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Dr Oz Show: April 20, 2012 Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from April 20, 2012-The 5 Tibetan Rites. Dr Oz explores the ancient rituals of Tibetan Monks that will improve your health. Find out the ancient secrets to get more energy […]

Dr Oz: Natural Skin Remedies Want to know how to get rid of wrinkles or reduce sunspots? On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Shalini Wadhera, the author of Passport to Beauty, to show you the all-natural beauty secrets from around the globe. Plus, checkout the Sleep Remedies that Doctor Oz spoke about on […]

Dr Oz: Sleep Remedies Are you up all night and then the next morning, you’re running on empty? On today’s show, Dr Oz showed you the best remedies to get a good night’s sleep. Find out how to supercharge your sleep with these all-natural Sleep Remedies. Plus, read about Forskolin Supplements, which is a miracle […]

Dr Oz: Forskolin Miracle Pills That Fights Fat You’ve tried everything to lose weight—or so you think. On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Weight Loss Expert, Lisa Lynn to tell you about Forskolin, the miracle supplement that helps you fight fat. Forskolin Supplement Pills speed up the metabolism while allowing your body to […]

Dr Oz: The 7 Chakras According to Tibetan Monks, the Chakra Diet is the secrets to living younger. Dr Oz is joined by Holistic Guru, Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, to show you which foods fuel your Chakra. Dr. Chaudhary says when it comes to fueling your Chakra, you’re looking at the vibration of the foods as […]

Dr Oz: The Chakra Diet The Chakra Diet is a growing trend built on the foundation of ancient monks. Thousands of years ago, monks discovered the 5 Tibetan Rites, which unlocked the secret to longevity. They practiced meditation, yoga and diet to promote slow aging and peace from within. The western world is only now […]

Dr Oz: Tibetan Monk Health Secrets We all want to look and feel younger, right? We’ve tried pills, diet and exercise and even sometimes gone the extreme with expensive beauty products and procedures. Stop breaking the bank! Find out how to get healthy and look more youthful the natural way. What could be more natural […]

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