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Dr Oz Recap February 28 2013 The Dr. Oz Show was filled with excitement today! First, Michelle Obama stopped by to talk about her personal health goals and to make a huge announcement about the Let’s Move program! Then, Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels joined Dr. Oz to talk about why she is so aggressive […]

February 28 2013 Talk Shows The month of February came to an end with a special announcement from First Lady Michelle Obama, a delicious French Onion Burger recipe, and diet advice from Dr Ian Smith. Here are some of the day’s talk show highlights. Dr Oz: Michelle Obama Let’s Move & Active Schools First Lady […]

Dr Oz: Jillian Michaels The Biggest Loser America’s favorite personal trainer is back on Dr. Oz’s stage! Jillian Michaels is known for her aggressive approach on the show The Biggest Loser, but she believes it works for the contestants just like it worked for her through her personal weight loss journey. Dr Oz: Jillian Michaels […]

Dr Oz: First Lady Announces Let’s Move Schools On Dr Oz! Dr. Oz welcomed First Lady Michelle Obama back to his stage and they talked candidly about her midlife “crisis,” self-esteem and how she believes moderation is the key to staying healthy. Then, on Dr. Oz’s stage, she made a huge announcement about a new […]

Dr Oz: Michelle Obama ‘Moderation Is Key’ First Lady Michelle Obama was back on the Dr. Oz stage! She was ready to talk about her midlife crisis, self-esteem and the government’s role in keeping America healthy. She even shared a few items from her ‘bucket list.’ Dr Oz: Michelle Obama’s Before 50 “Bucket List” Dr. […]

Dr Oz Fans Update: Here are the segment updates for this episode: Dr Oz: First Lady Michelle Obama Eating Healthy & Let’s Move Campaign Dr Oz: First Lady Announces Let’s Move Active Schools Program On Dr Oz Dr Oz: Tie a Ribbon Around Waist When Eating & Jillian Michaels Bully? Dr Oz Preview February 28 […]

Dr Oz Recap February 27 2013 Dr. Oz shared an alternative form of medicine known as Intuitive Healing. Find out how you can learn to see the visual clues that a person is fighting an illness before they even see a doctor! Dr. Oz revealed surprising results from a Consumer Reports study that argues most […]

February 27 2013 Talk Shows Get cooking with a new twist on an American classic: The Chew’s Skillet Apple Pie recipe. Plus, February 27 talk shows touched on a new miniseries about The Bible and a musical episode of the TV series Psych. Here are some highlighted segments. The Chew: Skillet Apple Pie Recipe with Sweet Potatoes […]

Dr Oz: Examine Moles To Detect Skin Cancer Dr. Oz and Dr. Santa from Consumer Reports discussed the cancer screenings that you should avoid, but now Dr. Oz is sharing the three important tests that you need! Keep reading to find out his recommendations! Dr Oz: Pap Smears Detect Cervical Cancer Dr. Oz said there […]

Dr Oz: Are All Cancer Tests Necessary? Dr. Oz has always recommended preventative measures and testing as your best defense to avoid or fight cancer, but recent tests have revealed something startling. Do you often read and trust Consumer Reports as a resource before you buy a new car or washing machine? For the first […]

Dr Oz: Can Your Body’s Moisture Level Heal Cancer? Dr. Oz and John Kortum discussed John’s technique known as Intuitive Perception, which he says everyone can use to diagnose and heal the people in their life. Could it be more accurate than traditional medical testing? Do you think it is right for you? Dr Oz: […]

Dr Oz: Intuitive Healing vs Psychic Ability The medical field has typically been split between Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine when it comes to treating illnesses, but one man says you can diagnose and heal yourself through his intuitive techniques. Could they work for you? Dr Oz: Intuitive Perception vs Medical Diagnosis If someone said […]

Dr Oz Fans Update: Here are the Segment Recaps from this Episode: Dr Oz: Intuitive Healing vs Medical Diagnosis & Can You Heal Yourself? Dr Oz: Life Span Moisture Level & Does Puffy Face = Thyroid Condition? Dr Oz: Cancer Tests You Should Avoid & Are Survival Rates Misleading? Dr Oz: Age To Start Having […]

Dr Oz Recap February 26 2013 Dr. Oz and his guest, Michael Moss, revealed the dirty secrets that the food industry does not want you to hear! Find out the tricks they use to get you hooked on processed foods so you will keep coming back for more! Could you be addicted to salt, sugar […]

February 26 2013 Talk Shows Everyone from First Lady Michelle Obama to former reality TV stars popped up on the day’s talk shows. Find out how you can make a healthy Beef Stir Fry recipe and see who is trading places on a new season of Celebrity Wife Swap. GMA: Michelle Obama & Marcus Samuelsson Healthy […]

Dr Oz: Lesser Evil Healthy Snack Option Dr. Oz has a challenge for you! Are you ready for the “Great American Kitchen Cleanout?” Dr. Oz wants you to clean out your kitchen and get rid of the food, and non-food, items that simply must go! Dr Oz: Should You Microwave Plastic Dishes? Have you ever […]

Dr Oz: Why You Should Shop Perimeter Of Grocery Store Dr. Oz and Michael Moss, author of Salt Sugar Fat, revealed the shocking evidence that Michael uncovered during his investigation of the food industry. They shared the sneaky way that food companies use sugar to create a “Bliss Point“ and how the “Flavorburst” caused by salt is making […]

Dr Oz: Holy Grail Of Unhealthy Food Dr. Oz and investigative reporter Michael Moss discussed Michael’s book , which reveals the dirty secrets the food industry does not want you to know. Dr. Oz explained the similarities between cocaine addiction and processed food addiction and how they both affect your brain and cause you to […]

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