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Dr Oz Preview March 5 2013 Are you familiar with the television show Celebrity Rehab? Have you ever watched as Dr. Drew Pinksy helps celebrities through their addiction on the reality show? If he gets the credit when they succeed at beating their addiction, should he also be held accountable when they die? Mindy McCready […]

Dr Oz Recap February 4 2013 Dr. Oz and Dr. Jennifer Landa shared Dr. Landa’s fatigue solutions to help you get your energy back by fixing the imbalances in your body. She explained how a gluten sensitivity can cause fatigue and how a magnesium supplement can give you back your energy! Find out what other […]

March 4 2013 Talk Shows On March 4 talk shows, Marlee Matlin talked about her groundbreaking episode of Switched At Birth, The Doctors gave advice on longevity, and 60 Minutes explored suicide among veterans. Here are some highlighted segments. GMA: Marlee Matlin Switched At Birth American Sign Language Episode Deaf actress Marlee Matlin was on Good […]

Dr Oz: Hungry Girl Emotional Eating Solutions Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien shared her favorite solutions for guilt-free emotional eating with Dr.Oz! They included frozen mac and cheese and Greek frozen yogurt that will curb your cravings with way less fat and calories than their unhealthy alternatives. Dr Oz: Freezy Whoopie Pie Recipe More often than […]

Dr Oz: Greek Frozen Yogurt Review Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien is one of your favorite Dr. Oz guests and she is also one of his favorites so she was back with some of her favorite solutions to help you get through stress and other causes of emotional eating. Dr Oz: Guilt-Free Emotional Eating Solutions Hungry […]

Dr Oz: Magnesium Supplement Improves Fatigue Dr. Oz and Dr. Jennifer Landis shared Dr. Landis’ fatigue solution to help you get your energy back! She said the cause lies in four imbalances in your body and they are all simple to fix! She shard a five minute yoga exercise that will reduce your stress and […]

Dr Oz: The Fatigue Solution Are you tired of feeling tired all the time? Are you exhausted even after getting eight hours of sleep at night? If so, this Dr. Oz show is for you! He had the fatigue solution to help you get your energy back by fixing four imbalances in your body. Dr […]

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