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Dr Oz Fans Update: Here are the Segment Recaps for this Episode: Dr Oz: Aspirin Dose Recommendation & Does Beer Improve Your Longevity? Dr Oz: Tomato Paste Prevents Heart Disease & Avocados Improve Liver Dr Oz: Kamut Super Grain Boosts Energy & Is Buckwheat Gluten-Free? Dr Oz: Whole Grain Quiz & Look For Whole Grain […]

Dr Oz Recap March 5 2013 On the March 5 2013 episode of Dr. Oz, he talked to Dr. Drew Pinsky about the controversy surrounding Celebrity Rehab and the recent death of Mindy McCready. They discussed the stigma of addiction and the responsibility of the patient when they leave treatment. Dr. Oz also talked to […]

March 5 2013 Talk Shows Basketball coach Pat Summitt, reality judge Randy Jackson, and actress Gillian Jacobs were guests on March 5 talk shows. Find out what they had to discuss from dementia to diabetes and much more, with these featured segments. GMA: Basketball Coach Pat Summitt Dementia & Memoir Legendary basketball coach Pat Summitt […]

Dr Oz: Dr Mark Hyman Food Is Medicine Dr. Mark Hyman has the solution to reverse your diabesity! You will lose 20 pounds in just six weeks and get your blood sugar back to normal by following his simple plan! Dr. Hyman emphasizes that food is medicine and he believes that there is no drug […]

Dr Oz: MSG Linked To Diabetes and Obesity Dr. Oz and Dr. Mark Hyman are talking about something you have probably never heard of before, but it’s becoming an epidemic in our country! “Diabesity” is a combination of diabetes and obesity and it affects every other person – that could be you or someone you […]

Dr Oz: Dr Drew Pinsky – Family History Of Addiction Increases Your Risk Dr. Oz and Dr. Drew Pinsky talked openly about the television show Celebrity Rehab and the stigma of addiction. Dr. Drew expressed how sad he was at the news of Mindy McCready’s recent suicide, but he does not believe the show is responsible […]

Dr Oz: Dr Drew Pinsky Responsible For Death Of Mindy McCready? Dr. Oz talked with Dr. Drew Pinksy of Celebrity Rehab about the recent controversy surrounding the television show after the death of Mindy McCready. Mindy appeared on Celebrity Rehab four years ago to begin her battle with addiction, but then committed suicide a few […]

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