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Dr Oz Recap March 6 2013 Dr. Oz devoted this episode to helping you live longer with his longevity prescription! He made food and medication recommendations that will not only help prevent heart disease and cancer, but will also fight diabetes while helping you add years to your life! Learn about a few super grains […]

March 6 2013 Talk Shows March 6 talk shows were about perseverance and fuel from food. New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin, cancer survivor Valerie Harper, and TV chef Rachael Ray were among the guests, and here are highlights from the day’s shows. Kelly & Michael: Tom Coughlin “Earn the Right To Win” Book Review […]

Dr Oz: Is Multigrain Better Than Whole Grain? Dr. Oz shared some of the most powerful super grains that you have probably never heard of before today! Find out what health benefits they all have to offer along with a few surprising added benefits, too! Dr Oz: Whole Grain Quiz We are constantly being told […]

Dr Oz: Quinoa Super Grain Dr. Oz has talked about grains in the past and he has even talked about quinoa as being a “super” grain, but there are several others that you may not be aware of, but adding them to your diet will improve your health in many ways! Dr Oz: Super Grain […]

Dr Oz: Spinach Improves the Health Of Your Kidneys Dr. Oz shared his longevity prescription to help you add years to your life while preventing deadly diseases! His advice included drinking a beer every day and taking low-dose aspirin, but he had many more recommendations to help you get healthy and live longer! Dr Oz: […]

Dr Oz: Aspirin Reduces Risk For Heart Disease Dr. Oz has a super longevity prescription filled with ways to add years to your life by reducing your risk for cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Are you ready to live longer and feel younger at the same time? Keep reading to see what tips Dr. Oz […]

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