Anxiety Chest Pain – Dr Oz: Chest Pain Treatment & Stress Chest Pain


Anxiety Chest Pain? Doctor Oz was asked by a man in his audience about this feeling in his chest that is a very sharp pain when you breathe.  Is this an Anxiety Chest Pain?  Stress Chest Pain?  What are Chest Pain Treatments?  And how do  you know if your chest pain is something much more serious?  Anxiety Chest Pain

Dr Oz asked the man if he gets this chest pain often, how long it lasts for and if it happens when he exercises.  The guest said that it often happens when he exercises but goes away in just a few minutes.  He sometimes also gets this chest pain after he eats a big meal.  Doctor Oz said that it is usually spasms of arteries in the chest wall if it happens for just a second.  If your chest pain lasts for minutes, it could be reflux.  Doctor Oz only starts to worry about your heart and something more serious if you get chest pain when you exercise that feels likes a tight squeeze in your chest instead of like sharp pin pain.


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