Dr. Oz: Age Spots – How to Remove from Your Face

Donna asked Dr. Oz how she got an age spot on her face and what she can do to get rid of it. She said she didn’t have the age spot as a child, but it has been there for about 10 years now. The pigmentation started off small, but then got bigger. The color has not changed or become darker though.

Dr. Oz explained that melanocytes, which are what make your skin able to tan in the sun and controls the melanin in your skin, let the melanin get out of control in the case of age spots.  Dermatologists can easily remove age spots with a laser, because the laser can pick up the pigmentation with no problem.



  1. shreen says

    my skin is damaged with use of cosmatics give ea best selution
    i wait for best to solve my problam of skin

  2. berit norlen says

    Is there a cream to take brown spot or agespot of your body or is it just Laser?

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