Dr Oz: Aspirin Allergy – Aspirin and Heart Attack Advice


Doctor Oz was asked by a woman about an Aspirin Allergy.  Dr. Oz is always mentioning how an Aspirin and Heart Attacks go hand in hand, because if you take an Aspirin, it can help prevent a heart attack.  However, what do you do if you have an Aspirin Allergy?   Aspirin Allergy

Dr. Oz said that Aspirin and Hear Attack go well together because Aspirin works as a blood thinner and as an anti-inflammatory agent.  However, Dr Oz said that if you are allergic to Aspirin, and particularly if you have a hyper-sensitivity that causes you to have trouble breathing, then you should avoid taking it.  Doctor Oz said that if you really have to take Aspirin, you should speak to your doctor about ways to de-sensitive yourself.


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