Dr. Oz: Bell’s Palsy – Causes & How Long Does It Last?

A beautiful women in Dr. Oz’s audience today said that the left side of her face was paralyzed and she was recently diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy.  She wanted to know what causes Bell’s Palsy and how long it lasts?

Dr. Oz said that Bell’s Palsy is the paralysis of a facial nerve which can be caused by a virus or an attack on your immune system.  It causes a temporary paralysis of your face and sometimes you lose your ability to taste too, but the good news is that you will recover eventually (it usually takes over  6 months).  But if you have symptoms like this, you must see a doctor to be sure that you didn’t have a stroke and that there is no tumor or auto-immune disease causing the facial paralysis.



  1. Cindy says

    I first got Bells Palsy back in November 2010 and still have it today. Its not at its worst but my left eye is smaller than my right. It seems like when I eat my left eye is getting smaller. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. When I first got Bells Palsy I had a viral infection. It seems like I had a relapse again about a month ago. Should I be concerned that this is not going to go away? I was put on steroids and antibiodics twice since I have had this. Should i have my doctor do further tests?

  2. Jennifer says

    Hi Cindy.
    I came down with Bell’s Palsy in December 2010 while I was pregnant. My left eye is significantly smaller than my non-BP eye. I was recently prescribed an antiviral for the first time and I have seen im

  3. Jennifer says

    Sorry. I have seen improvement and my ear pain has been drastically reduced. I was wondering if the “smaller” eye will ever appear normal if I continue to recover. I hope you are doing well with your recovery, Cindy.

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