Dr Oz: Can Exercising At Night Effect Your Sleep?

Doctor Oz was asked if exercising at night can effect your sleep and keep you awake.  I always wondered this too, because on the one hand, it seems like exercise can get rid of extra energy but on the other hand, exercise also makes you have adrenaline.  Can Exercising At Night Effect Your Sleep?

Can Exercising At Night Effect Your Sleep?

Dr Oz said that your body temperature increases when you exercise, and it can take 5 hours for your body temperature to come back down.  It is easier to sleep if you have lower body temperatures – I wonder if this is why hot flashes sometimes wake women up?  I digress though, Dr Oz said that if you exercise 4-5 hours before you are ready to go to sleep, then your body temperature can go lower than it usually is, which is good for helping you to go to sleep.



  1. Girl Gone Healthy says

    That’s a bit odd on my part then, I usually exercise before I go to bed but I don’t have any problems falling asleep. Though admittedly I just do minor stretching and minimal physical activities.

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