Dr Oz Crashes His Dad’s Porsche By Playing With Eyelashes?


Doctor Oz was asked about having very sensitive eyelashes that fall out easily. Can touching your eyelashes make them fall out?  how to cure eyelashes falling out

Dr Oz was joined by Dr Oz’s father (who is also a doctor), and he said that you can definitely cause trauma to your eyelashes which can cause them to fall out.  In fact, Dr Oz’s dad said that Dr Oz crashes his Porsche because he was playing with his eyelashes.  I wonder if this occurred in Turkey, since Dr Oz’s father is from Turkey.  This is an all new side of Dr Oz!  The dangerous, Porsche-crashing, side of Dr Oz I suppose!  Dr Oz said that women often pull their eyelashes when they are cleaning their eyes, which can cause your eyelashes to fall out.  Also, infections and allergies can make your eyelashes fall out, so look for hypoallergenic products.


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