Dr. Oz: Cure for Dry Eyes with Saline Drops

Dr. Oz was asked by Cindy (on behalf of a shy lady named Mary-Joe) what remedy can be used for very dry eyes.

Dr. Oz asked her how often her eyes are dry, and she said sporadically. Dr. Oz said that we have ducts in our eyes that make tears if there is dust or if it is windy or cold… kind of like windshield wipers for our eyes. In the winter, Dr. Oz recommends using a Humidifier and all year round, Dr. Oz highly suggests using Saline Eye Drops!


  1. says

    Saline drops will only work for the very mildest cases of dry eyes ,by the time someone ask about their dry eye problem to a Dr Like Dr OZ all other treatments have been tried,What are the newest treatment available? I cant find any Dr to get to the bottom of my severe dry eye syndrome. I have plugs and have tried several drops..

  2. says

    I have eyes that have protruded because of Graves Disease and my right eye especially is painfully dry. When I first wake up I can hardly stand it until I splash cold water on my eyes and then follow-up holding a wash cloth soaked in warm water.

    I have been suffering for over 15 years, and even though I get my eyes checked every year, none of the samples or suggestions of other kinds of drops have alleviated my problem.

    Please help me.
    Miserable in Sacramento

  3. Kathy Ranonis says

    Have you tried prescription Restasis drops? I have used Thera-Tears and Systane eye drops (over the counter). I believe the Restasis work the best.

  4. Valerie says

    This is a must and it works for over night. The back of my eyelids used to stick tO my eyeballs and when I would open my eyes they would rip my eye balls with great pain and spasms! I now use prescribed cortisone cream, thick eye drops, and an eye mask. The eye mask is the saving grace! Our eyes don’t completely close at night and dry air gets in. The mask prevents the air from getting in and keeps the moisture in.
    God bless you!

  5. Miguel garza says

    I had try to buy the saline eye drops but can’t seem to find the ones in your show, can you please help me out giving me a web page o brand?



  6. Valerie says

    I have chronic dry eye. I use Bausch and Lomb…..they are the best. I use the thicker drops for night and I ALWAYS wear an eye mask. The mask keeps air from getting into the eye while you sleep. It is a God send! Bless you all!

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