Dr. Oz: Cure for Painful Cracks in Your Heel with Petroleum Jelly

Dr. Oz was asked by Mary, a guest in his audience, what she can do about her painful cracked heels?  She does a lot of walking, and this makes the cracks even worse and they become even more painful.

Dr. Oz said that cracks happen between where there is hair on your leg and the skin on your foot without hair.  The causes of cracked heels include wearing shoes without backs and walking around without shoes on.  Calluses build up and the pressure they create result in cracks, which can be very painful.  Before you go to sleep at night, put a generous amount of petroleum jelly / Vaseline or thick moisturizing lotion onto the cracks in your heel, put on socks, and sleep that way overnight.  In the morning, your feet will be wonderfully soft… repeat until your cracks are healed!


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