Dr. Oz: Cure Sweaty Palms & Hands with Aluminum Chloride

Dr. Oz was asked my Mary-Anne if there is anything she can do to get rid of her excessively sweaty hands and palms.  She wants to do something so that she can start shaking people’s hands!

Dr. Oz does not often recommend surgery, but he said there is an operation where the doctor snips the nerves in your underarm to stop the sweaty palms which is minimally invasive.  People have also been experimenting with botox injections to cure sweaty hands.  And the easiest, cheapest and most simple cure is to use Drysol or 20% Aluminum Chloride Solution.



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    Well, Great writing, Your Post is very good.There are many brands of antiperspirants you can choose from, with one of the stronger ones being Drysol. Several people have said that Drysol is the best antiperspirant for treating Excessive Sweating. It is very useful to people who are using Drysol for Underarm Sweating. As a matter of fact, hyperhydrosis is not limited to the armpits alone, so it is virtually impossible to stop sweaty palms, soles, and those annoying drips on the face. Drysol was created specifically as a treatment for problem areas and can solve the problem, once and for all, with regular, infrequent weekly applications at night.

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