Dr Oz: Garlic Causes Gas, Farts, Flatulence & Beano


Doctor Oz was asked by a lady why garlic gives you gas?  What can you do to stop garlic from making you fart?  The poor woman wants her hummus!  My heart goes out to anyone who can’t eat garlic because it causes gas, because I cannot imagine my life without garlic! Dr. Oz’s shocking answer is revealed on the next page!!!



  1. James says


    Who needs this wishy washy anti garlic fart crap? Ladies….load up and let er rip….I’d ask a woman to marry me on the 1st date if she blasted a garlic bomb.

  2. nhow says

    For your info, many people can’t digest garlic…they don’t just get the farts, they get lots of pain and bloating followed by several days of diarrhea. So ‘load up and let er rip’ is horrible advice. You should hope you never have this problem.

  3. nina simmons says

    i heard that it’s the green part that causes gas –remove it and the problem is gone!

  4. Jeannie says

    I have been farting non-stop since eating a ton i
    Of garlic in my dinner last night. Farted all night long. Woke me out of my sleep. Going to but Beano on my way home!

  5. Marguerita says

    With beans, it is the indigestible starch that causes gas, and that is overcome by soaking the beans until they sprout, which changes their composition.

    With garlic and onions, you have the allicin component killing-off yeast, bacteria, and microbes in the gut, and that creates residual garbage and gas.

    I take Now Formulas “plant enzymes” daily, and a garlic supplement, and I sprout my beans. I have very little gas. (Beano never did anything for me.)

  6. Deb says

    I am so glad I am not alone with this! I LOVE garlic, but literally I have garlic farts that wake me up out of my sleep after eating it. I have an “approach with caution” sign for outside my office if I’ve eaten garlic the night before. But seriously, this is embarrassing and such a nuisance. I’ll have to give Beano a try, but I see that plant enzymes and garlic supplements work for some people. I’d like to find a cure for this embarrassing problem, the guys I go out with are not as forgiving as James… 😉

  7. Anne says

    Marguerita – A garlic supplement? I can understand the purpose behind the plant enzyme, but how does it help to take more garlic via a garlic supplement? Thanks!

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