Dr Oz: Gel Bath or Jelly Bath Treatment Review

Doctor Oz did a segment called “Does It Work?” to answer if a Gel Bath or a Jelly Bath treatment really works.  The lady testing out the Gel Bath on Dr Oz’s show looked like she was in total heaven. Gel Bath

Gel Bath or Jelly Bath Treatment Review

Dr. Hyla Cass told Dr Oz that a Gel Bath does in fact work, because gel makes the water more solid and can retain its heat for 8 times longer.  Dr. Cass said she would also add in some Epson Salts, because the magnesium will help you to absorb the goodness and nutrients into your skin.  Dr Oz said that a Gel Bath is basically like doing a paraffin treatment for your entire body.  Have you ever used a Gel Bath?



  1. Brittney says

    Dr. Oz featured the gelbath that is jellybath from the USA. That is what was on the Dr Oz show.

  2. Brittney says

    JellyBath holds the heat. It has black tea and vitamin C to exfoliate and collagen. Tubsoaks and footsoaks are great. It is a patented product from the USA since 1998.

  3. Edward says

    The Jellybath on the Dr Oz show was the lavender tub soak. To alleviate any confusion- one tub soak box is good for a variety of uses, and instructions come with every purchase for the ultimate home spa soak – for the perfect hand soak, foot soak and tub soak in one.

  4. KJ says

    After learning about the gelbath from the Dr. Oz show, I went out to my local beauty and health stores to look for and buy the product. Unfortunately none of the merchants had ever heard of the concept, nor did the have any gelbath products. Does anyone know where I can purchase gelbath or jellybath products for a decent price? Dr. Oz mentioned the product could be purchased for $10 or so.

    I live in California.


  5. Kim says

    Dr. Oz stated $10, but all I see online are Jelly Bath (USA) and Gelicity (UK) running from $25-$40 per use! I thought a $10 bath was a lot, really not sure I could spring for $25 even if it did help my back!

  6. konjo says

    I went to each and every beauty stores I know, but nobody know about gelbath almost all of the people I talk to told me there is no such thing a gelbath.please anybody tell me when I can get it.

  7. deidra says

    Does anyone know of any products other than Jellybath? That is an expensive bath!

  8. deidra says

    Does anyone know of a product other than JellyBath that does the same thing. I dont mind spending the money, but I’ll take a better price on a product where I’m not paying for the posh packaging if it works just as well.

  9. Amanda kohtz says

    I was wondering the same thing about the price. I have back pain and when he said $10.00 I thought that was a splurge. I’ve only been able to find the 2 brands you guys mentioned and wow yeah that’s a high dollar bath! LOL ;0)

  10. Cheri says

    Try “Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath”, “Gelli Baff”, and there’s “Jelly Bath”

  11. Cheri says

    Oh and there is also “Gel ‘N’ Bath” it’s only 12 dollars, but i think you have to order online.

  12. says

    I found it on a Site over seas. I can’t send it to America. I haven’t found it anywhere here, and I’ve looked all over. If anyone has found it; I’d love to hear from you!

  13. susie a says

    I have used Jelly Bath .. you can order it in the US.It is Fabulous and worth every penny! I can assure you you will enjoy the product and will give it happily as a gift to friends. try it once you’ll be hooked. order online. Susie

  14. Jennifer says

    I’v tried both, Jelly Bath and gel’nbath, I really prefer gel’nbath over the other one. First, it’s a little cheaper and it really made my skin feel much softer and it was a lot more fun.

    I did contact gel’nbath about septic systems and I was told it was safe to use.

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