Dr. Oz: General Hospital’s Jason Thompson (Dr. Patrick Drake)


Dr. Oz had Jason Thompson, the actor who plays Dr. Patrick Drake on ABC’s General Hospital, on todays special TV Doctors Edition of Ask Dr. Oz!  Although it was difficult to watch Dr. Drake’s super hot body and listen to his question, I did not fail you!  Apparently, Jason Thompson has had a few family members with diverticulitis and wanted to know if there was anything that could be done to prevent having surgery.

Dr. Oz showed a healthy colon and an unhealthy one.  The unhealthy intestinal tract had holes that were filled up with feces, and if you squeezed on the bubble, more feces would come out.  So when this happens, you have to have a surgery where they cut out the bad portion of the intestine and then sew it back up.  How can you avoid diverticulitis altogether?  Eat fiber!  Fiber helps keep your colon clean and helps you to squeeze out your fecal matter so that you don’t get any holes filled with feces.


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