Dr. Oz: Home Remedy for Gas, Farts & Flatulence is Fennel

Doctor Oz was asked by Patricia, a woman in his audience, why people have trouble controlling or holding their gas as they get older.

Dr. Oz said that the intestinal lining sometimes has trouble metabolizing some sugars, like lactose found in milk or dairy products, especially as we get older.  Therefore, these sugars have to get digested by the bacteria in our gut instead.  Either way though, most people pass gas 14 times a day (around 2-3 pints of gas).  Dr. Oz suggest trying a home remedy of eating more fennel or drinking a fennel tea to help with gas, farts and flatulence!


  1. Inez Lintz says

    I like your show and watch it everyday. You have given this 63 year old woman a lot of help with problems with my body. Thank you for being there and having a website.

  2. sharilyn bealer` says

    I have been dx with cirrouss of the liver as a result of this i have alot of gas bloting, edema

  3. James McFarland says

    On yesterday’s show Dr. Oz told of four things that can be mixed together and then eaten in one fashion or another. Fennel and anise were two of the four things that were mentioned.
    If someone can tell me what the other two ingredients, were I would appreciate it. Thank you.

  4. Jacquie says

    Dr Oz recipe for anti gas = mix 1 tablespoon of each: anise, fennel, dill, caraway. Put in small mint tin and eat 1 tsp as needed.

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