Dr. Oz: House’s Jennifer Morrison (Dr. Allison Cameron)

Jennifer Morrison, who plays Dr. Allison Cameron on House, asked Dr. Oz a question from the red carpet. Dr. Oz even admitted that House is his favorite show… how cute is Dr. Oz!!! But back to Dr. Cameron, she wanted to know what you can do to get rid of any extra pigment that remains after having a mole removed.

Dr. Oz says that a mole is like the tip of an iceberg. When you have the mole removed, there is still some pigment left beneath your skin. If you expose this to the sun, the melatonin gets to work, and it will darken. So stay out of the sun! In general, if you have unwanted skin pigmentation or want to lighten scars, you can either have a doctor use a special laser, or you can try Vitamin E and Vitamin A … at under $2 and with 19 reviews and a perfect 5 star score, I am definitely ordering this!!!


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