Dr. Oz: How To Lower Lousy or Bad Cholesterol (LDL Cholesterol)

Doctor Oz was asked by a woman in his audience how to lower bad cholesterol or lousy cholesterol (as Dr. Oz calls it).  LDL cholesterol can cause many medical and health problems.

Dr. Oz said that high levels of LDL or bad cholesterol comes from two things: genes and belly fat.  Genetics accounts for about 5% of high cholesterol cases but belly fat accounts for close to 95% of high cholesterol cases.  Dr. Oz suggests that you try to adapt your diet to contain mainly whole foods, which won’t poison your liver.



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    Regarding high cholestrol, if genes plan only 5% of high cholestrol, can a person who didnt have high cholestrol at a young age but around age 40 get high cholestrol and blame genetics. This person has somewhat of a stomach, his height is 5’9, 185lbs.

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