Dr. Oz: Internal & External Hemorrhoids Advice & Home Remedies

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Dr. Oz: Internal & External Hemorrhoids Advice & Home Remedies

By on March 31, 2010

Doctor Oz was asked by a wife, for her husband, if there are any non-surgical procedures for curing or soothing internal and external hemorrhoids.

Dr. Oz said that the we have inner veins in our anus (if you look in the mirror, and pull your lip down, you will see tiny veins that are similar to the veins in your anus).  When these anus veins swell, that is called Hemorrhoids.  You can help your Hemorrhoids by drinking more water and increasing the fiber in your diet so that your poop is softer and therefore there will be less pressure applied to your hemorrhoids.  Also, Dr. Oz says it is best to stop using toilet paper and to wash your butt instead.  If you don’t have a bidet in your house, you can get a Bidet Water Spray Toilet Seat Attachment to make it simple to clean yourself!

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Comments to Dr. Oz: Internal & External Hemorrhoids Advice & Home Remedies

  1. Having softer stool definitely helps relieve and prevent hemorrhoids. Drinking lots of water and eating lots of fiber will definitely help. Another tip is to go when you need to go. Keeping the stool too long in your rectum causes your body to reabsorb the excess moisture and harden the stool

  2. hemoroid says:

    Thanks for the turkey hemorrhoids information is difficult to find such an article.

  3. There are some simple diet changes that you can make too that will help cure constipation which is typically the root cause of hemorrhoids. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, for example, will increase the fiber in your body and reduce constipation.

  4. My hemorrhoids went away after taking mega doses of vitamin B12. I had extreme hemorroids after having my first baby and couldn’t sit for months after I tried everything I was taking these for something else and they litterally went away!

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  6. bigdrnerd says:

    Tell us something we didnt akready know. Pretty oversimplified for a highly complex subject that millions of sufferers have dealt with. They range from several surgical and non-surgical methods that many doctors cant agree on and with not so stellar results and sometimes very serious complications tovthe hundreds of natural treatments. Not to kention there are internal, external, prolasped types I through IV and also hrombosed and also combinations. I Am personally gettng tired of Oz hawkijg every new and old supplement and a new diet plan every other day. Some of these supplements can be dangerous especially with interactions of other drugs and medical comditions. To give a quick snapshot of evrything can be misleading. Please do not let any of these suggestions that you see on tv or read undermine or go without first discussing with your physcian and pharmacist and healthcare team. If you do not trust them then you should get another one. If they wont reasonably listen or discuss possible lternative remedies tuen get a new one. Natural does not usually mean tehy have no interactions or side effects.

  7. Varicose veins, kankles (or ankle swelling for those unfamiliar with the derogatory term) and hemorrhoids all have a similar, quasi-evil source: impeded blood flo as a result of your growing baby.

    Do not force yourself and strain for bowel movements and also do not sit on toilet for prolonged
    period of times. Use only unscented, non-colored toilet paper that hass been moistened beforehand to wipe your behind after you
    have defecated.

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  9. How can we cure hemorrhoid at home?

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