Dr Oz: Is Biting the Inside of Your Mouth Unhealthy?


Doctor Oz was told by Barbara, a lady in his audience, that she has a bad habit of biting the inside of her mouth.  Her daughter also bites the inside of her mouth.  Are there any long term health issues associated with biting the inside of your mouth?  Biting the Inside of Your Mouth

Dr Oz said that when you chew on the inside of your mouth, the delicate tissue gets inflamed and you form a callus or corn.  The callus in your mouth is not dangerous, but it will keep sticking out further and further and you are likely to accidentally bite the inside of your cheek while eating for example.  Plus, Dr Oz said that biting the inside of your mouth can cause your cheek to get infected.  Instead, try to break your bad habit by chewing gum instead!


  1. Naomi C. says

    Dr. Oz.
    Why your shows are aimed at women younger than 60 years of age? We still have a life and a pulse, you know?

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