Dr. Oz: Is It Dangerous to Sit Close to the TV?

I vividly remember my mother and grandmother always scolding me to move further away from the television… they swore that sitting too close to the tv would ruin my eyes. Dr. Oz says that in the “old days” (which he defines as the 50’s), the radiation was dangerous. With modern televisions though, you do not have to worry about radiation.

What do you have to worry about though? Eye strain. Dr. Oz recommends sitting 3 times the diagonal of your tv, away from your television set to prevent strain. I recently read in Michelle Maistro’s, “The Gastronomy of Marriage: A Memoir of Food and Love” (a fabulous book if you are looking for a good read) that watching television in a dark room is also bad for your eyes… I wonder what Dr. Oz would have to say about this? Myth? Or Fact?  I will ask Dr. Oz and let you know what he says!

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