Dr. Oz: Is Nipple Sweat Normal?

Doctor Oz was asked by Dana, a kickboxing instructor, if it is normal to get sweat around your nipples.

Dr. Oz said that some people do get sweat around their nipples, because we do have sweat glands there.  In fact, if you are nursing or have a baby, you will see milk come out of those glands instead of sweat!



  1. Katie says

    what is normal nipple skin. how can you tell if a nipple is infected or if it is unhealthy. is there any special attention that a nipple requires in order to clean it properly since it is a mucous membrane? a lot of women do not let others touch their breasts, which means that their breasts maintain their firm shape and their nipples are pretty much blemish-free. a lot of people have touched and sucked my breasts, and i am concerned that my nipples might require detox among other body parts . . .
    signed, used

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