Dr Oz: Knee Exercises for Bone Against Bone Knee Problems


Doctor Oz was told by a lady in his audience that she has bone against bone rubbing on both knees, because she has worn through her meniscus on both knees.  What knee exercises are good for Bone on Bone Knee Problems? Knee Exercises for Bone Against Bone Knee Problems

Dr Oz said that you can definitely do butt and thigh exercises and keep healthy even with Bone on Bone Knee Conditions.  Most joints are suspended in the air by muscles around them.  You can always make your knee feel better though through physical therapy that will focus on you Bone Against Bone Knee Problems.


  1. nick cercone says

    Is it possible for you to suggest specific exercises for knee bone on bone condition.You mentioned exercise could help but again, what are the exercises that you would recommend/.

    Thank You,

    Nick cercone

  2. says

    Hi Nick! We are Dr Oz’s biggest fan site, but we are not affiliated with Dr Oz. Since we are not doctors, we cannot make medical recommendations. I would try discussing this with your doctor or a physical therapist… they would have the best advice!

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