Dr Oz: Multiple Sclerosis Treatments & MS Multiple Sclerosis Tips

Doctor Oz was asked about Multiple Sclerosis (MS) during a session of “Ask Dr Oz.”  What are Multiple Sclerosis Treatments and MS Home Remedies? Multiple Sclerosis Treatments

Multiple Sclerosis Treatments

Dr Oz said that MS or Multiple Sclerosis is where the lining of your nerves do not stay in tact, so the nerves short circuit themselves.

MS Treatment #1: Vitamin D

Vitamin D is thought to be very helpful in treating MS, as well as in preventing MS.

MS Treatment #2: Stress Free Life

Dr Oz also said that people with Multiple Sclerosis need a stress free life.  If you have trouble falling asleep at night, you have too much stress and should try to delegate responsibilities to others.


  1. Stuart says

    Personally, I feel that Dr. Oz could have said so much more than just about Vitamin D and Stress/poor sleep habits.. For instance : “Moderation” of one’s daily living is also key. Moderation helps to reduce fatigue and when I write fatigue, I am not speaking of tiredness…

    No, I am not a medical practitioner, although many think I am.


    Stuart Schlossman-RRMS
    Preside and Founder
    of MSVN

  2. Tawanna gallassero says

    I have a family member who suffers from Mutiple Sclerosis can you assist by providing a safe and good enough work out plan for her? She has very limited mobility with her left leg from MS. She can’t doo too much and should’nt overheat too much and must have a fan blowing on her to not overheat. But what small exercises or routines can she perform? She is seeking and needs some sort of exercise and diet program. If you have any suggestions please help and provide. Thanks

  3. Irma says

    Juicing is the best thing anybody can do for our bodies and stay away from fast greasy foods
    raw veggies is the way to go it’s great vitamins and minerals that go straight to the blood stream, greens are the most important ones including magnesium, Omega-3 oils, Flaxseed oil. I hope you find this helpfull.

  4. Hilda Valovick says

    You did a show with a personality that has M. S. What did he suggest/lifestyle changes for someone w/ M. S. The show aired a few weeks ago. I’m will be going through tests to confirm if I have M.S. I was informed not to do any exercise other than walking. Stretching wasn’t encouraged. I’m beside myself since I am a survivor of breast cancer for 6 years. I thought that was a major life challenge…now M.S.!!

  5. vivi says

    aparentemente tengo esclerosis multiple muy avanzada mi resonancia esta llena de manchas y placa tsodos los medicos no creen posible que yo ande de pie sin mayores sintomas ni secuelas ..

  6. mack holland says

    My girlfriend was diagnosed w ms in 1995. Now her neurologist says she may not have ms all symptoms are the same what’s up with that the dr is all overthe world doing seminars google says he’s good what else could it be?

  7. Yolanda says

    It could be Lyme. Lyme mimics many diseases and is caused by a “Tick” bite. It is hard to diagnose and there is a lot of controvercy within the medical field! Dr.’s have actually lost their license for treating those with Lyme. Do your research and the best known “natural” cure is Coloital Silver. If you have any more questions, please ask. Good luck and hope this helps.

  8. says

    I have had ms since 2010…been on weekly Avonex injections, had to stop driving for 4 months..hand and arm went numb with no lead time… . I maintained my fatique and stress pretty good. This summer my boss is a BULLY AND he yelled at me ” do what he saYS AN DO NOT QUEsTION HIM.”…boy this really messed me up…since Oct.1….I have been super stressful, but I do what he say………, but I wiil not break bread wih him…
    I am encounterrnig my first major relaps , Wed 10/23 my left leg went numb while driving….stumbling, happened again ..Friday – Sunday really afraid….Nuerologist will see me tomorrow……Sinus Infection AND STRESS……10/27 STILL STUMBLING….

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