Dr Oz: Only Sweat Out of One Armpit – Asymmetric Sweat Glands


Doctor Oz did a segment of “Am I Normal” and was asked by a girl if it is normal that she only sweats out of one armpit. Dr. Oz’s shocking answer is revealed on the next page!


  1. April Mcgee says

    I have recently just started sweating from one armpit. I work for a family doctor, and have no idea why this is happening. Help Dr. Oz!!

  2. Lynn says

    I have recently started having the same problem. I am not usually don’t sweat much but recently my right underarm has been sweating. I haven’t changed my deoderant brand. What could be causing this?

  3. kara says

    i started only sweating out of one armpit about a year ago.. it’s weird. my left sweats a little but my right sweats way more.

  4. Shelle says

    Ive always sweat more than others under my arms but i just recently noticed that i sweat way more under my right arm than my left its really weird. It used to be both but now just one

  5. geela says

    I also started excesivley sweating from just my right armpit. Never really had a problem with sweating til about a year ago. And its so bad that its damp all the time even sitting getting ready, directly out of the shower… I thought it was just me.

  6. syd says

    i sweat out of both armpits, but when i go to the gym, it is always obvious that the pit stain under my right arm is bigger than the one under my left. i guess that goes to show that my sweat glands are asymmetric.

  7. Lynette says

    Weird. The past 2 years I have noticed that my RIGHT, just like everyone here, armpit seems to be doing all the sweating…and I never used to have an odor and now definitely I have to keep on top of it with deodernt. Drivs me crazy. ALSO a small round bump has developed in my left armpit…same time…have mentioned it to both my doc and the skin specialist. They are not concerned but personally I wish they could take it away as it bothers me knowing its there and my body is acting different. I beleive in listening to our bodies. .

  8. Julie says

    I have noticed in the past 3 weeks that only in my right armpit, I have been constantly excessively sweating. I sweat out of both armpits, but the RIGHT one is much more, at least twice as much. This is a recent occurance that is really bothering me. Right after I get out of the shower, I put on my Secret deoderant (same as usual) and I start sweating almost immediately. I was at the doctor in the last few months and got a chest x-ray and everything was fine. Please help.

  9. Tom says

    My sweating is only coming from my right arm pit and I have experienced this for about 3 months. In looking at the responses prior to this, that seems to be a common location, but why the right arm pit? My PCP percribed a percription deoderant that I havent tried as of yet to resolve this but he wasnt concerned.

  10. Julie says

    Could it be somehow related to the fact that we are all right-handed? Are any of you left handed??

  11. jay says

    i also sweat out of one armpit.. what do you mean that there is something growing pushing against a nerve? is it something serious that i should get checked right away or something i shouldnt be to worried about?

  12. sara millar says

    i sweat only under my left armpit. when i come out of athletics first period i wipe my arms with baby wipes and then i apply deoderant and i leave and by second or third period my left armpit reeeeaaaallllllyyyy stinks and so im sitting there kepping my arms really close to my body hoping no one will smell my, just sitting there thinking “omg my arm stinks, it stinks, no one come close to me, omg my ARM STINKS” and i also noticed that i take a shower and i get dressed and fifteen minutes or so later my left arm stinks i will be sitting there watching tv or doing homework and i’ll just be randomly sniffing the air and then all of a sudden it stinks and i will smell my right arm and be like yah smells just like soap then i’ll sniff my left arm and be like AHHHHHH holy bleep thinks stinks, deoderant deoderant deoderant HERE I COME, MOMMA’S COMING!!!!! im confused if that means something bad, because i used to think oh my body is perfect and then you would smell my left armpit and there is the perk does that mean anything bad?

  13. Roberta Peterson says

    Same issue last 2 weeks right armpit. Haven’t changed deodorant. What’s going on this is weird all of us having the same issue. Is this a new problem ot not.

  14. geela says

    I agree Roberta, it does seem strange. I posted last june about this problem and was surprised to see so many others post and more surprised that majority is the right. Even more odd. I recently made a new friend and a couple days ago while we were getting ready for class, I noticed her checking her armpits in the mirror and she said the SAME thing, that her right armpit has been excessively sweating the last few months. Weird part is i had never mentioned to this girl only knowing her a few weeks. Very very strange.

  15. Joyce says

    I have a bo problem just with my right airmpit. I can take a shower and within minutes it smells of bo. My right is fine…Any answers to this….Thanks Joyce

  16. Frederick says

    Same thing. Right pit. Only sweat a little on left. Lots on right. If anyone has an answer or solution I would love to know. Makes life not fun in the summer because I can’t hide it with a hoodie. Thanks.

  17. Ellie says

    i told my mom about my issue. i sweat a lot more under my right armpit then my left. i constantly have to change my shirts like after church or before i go to bed. i went online to find the solution to my problem. i find this website and saw a lot of comments that have to do with the same situation i am having. i feel so embarrassed. i’m just glad that i know i’m not the only girl in the whole freakin world that this happens to.

  18. Janice Beechum says

    Same here. Started sweating only under right arm when overheated and exercising… otherwise OK… next time I go to the doc I will ask about it… ugh. (Am right handed, haven’t changed deodorant, etc.)

  19. Geoff says

    Left armpit sweating in my case. I googled my problem and was directed here. I’m thinking I should get it checked.

  20. Lydia says

    Omg this is so weird I am suffering from the same problem but I am right handed and it is my left pit that sweats more. It is like a fountain when getting out of the shower and the odor after an hour or so is awful . What works for any of you guys because I have just started to notice this???

  21. Frederick says

    “Certain Dry”. It is helping a lot. Follow the directions. You can get it at most pharmacies. You may find you need more than the directions say. Only thing I have found that helps. Drinking and smoking seem to agrivate the problem. I’ve used it during the day and it helps but before bed seems to get the best results. Hope this helps someone…

  22. bill w says

    While riding my bike, I noticed that I sweat normally on my right arm and hand, but recently noticed that my left arm is dry and only slight sweat on my left hand. (Maybe I failed to voice this for a long time, because I just started riding without gloves on so can see the sweat on my hand).

    I am right handed.

    Why is this happening? Is it normal? Or an indication of a problem? Should I have it checked by MD?

  23. Brennan says

    This just started happening about a year ago. It’s extremely irritating and the only way you can really temporarily help the sweat stain is don’t keep your arm close to your side. Air it out for a few minutes.

  24. Crystal says

    I am right handed and it is my left pit that is the problem for me. I sweat from both but the left sweats more and smells bad. I have very few shirts anymore that do not retain the stink even after being pretreated and washed. I’m 38 years old and it has been going on about a year and a half, maybe two. I found this board because I am looking for information, so any info would be appreciated.

  25. cory says

    HAHAA aww man i have this problem, profusely! my right arm pit leaks 24/7 this is the first ive ever searched this cuz ive just been dealing with it my whole life!!, maybe now i can get married, im getting my nerves clipped tomorrow, thx oz!!!

  26. cory says

    only opiates, clonidine and some horrible wetting agent called dry sol, has effectivly stopped the sweating for me in the past

  27. Mark says

    Are any of you on a drug like Celexa or Paxil. started sweating a little bit years ago on Paxil, but just switched to Celexa from Paxil about a year ago and been sweating like crazy mostly from my right armpit ever since. Sweating is a common symptom from those drugs. Not sure about the asymmetric sweating though. I mean, most times during the day I could wring out the sweat under my right arm and the left is relatively dry. Considered the computer use Jake because I am on a computer a lot, but I noticed both arms are about in the same angle from my body, but still only sweat from the right. Who knows.

  28. Wael says

    Dr. Please i want to know why i am sweating in my right hand with bad smell very bad smell while my left hand sweat same but with no smell at all .
    So why that bad smell on left hand only !?
    Thanks and Regards .

  29. jonathan says

    i use to never hardly sweat till i was 13 i had a light heat stroke and since that day my right arm pit sweats about 3 or more times more than my left i have done nothing today and its 3 pm atm and my shirt under my left armpit is dry as sand and my shirt under my right armpit is soaked and i have tried EVERY anti-perspirant out there from cheap to high dollar docter stuff to nothing really helps i’m 21 and it is slowly getting worst every year since i was 13 i notice that…….

  30. jonathan says

    i use to never hardly sweat till i was 13 i had a light heat stroke and since that day my right arm pit sweats about 3 or more times more than my left i have done nothing today and its 3 pm atm and my shirt under my left armpit is dry as sand and my shirt under my right armpit is soaked and i have tried EVERY anti-perspiration out there from cheap to high dollar doctor stuff to nothing really helps i’m 21 and it is slowly getting worst every year since i was 13 i notice that……. and i’m left handed and my right armpit sweats a lot more than my left

  31. jonathan says

    and another thing i’m not on any drug whatsoever but i do smoke,chew and drink but i don’t drink a lot maybe once a month and i drink very little

  32. AprilB says

    Wow.. I am older and have recently had this issue, I’ve spent tons on the best of deodorants and nothing seems to work. I like many others, sweat profusely from my right armpit, to the point I can only wear black clothes anymore. I’ve even went as far as putting toilet paper under my arm with tape to try and keep from ruining my shirts. I had an issue a couple of years ago with my thyroids and vitamin D deficiency and that is when it seems to have started, however reading some of your posts, I wonder if that wasn’t just coincidence. I do not have an odor issue, as when I continually smell my pit is smells like the deodorant I’m wearing but I certainly HATE that all of my shirts are always wet and many are now ruined from the sweat. As with you all, it would be nice to find some kind of home remedy. I’m thinking of trying the “tea bath” used for sweating stinky feet under my arm pit. I wonder if I used the tea bags while saturated if that would work…
    For all your other comments. I’m female, 43, smoker and drinker (though I don’t have any change in my habits and this started at around age 41), I’m right handed and it’s my right armpit and yes, I work on a computer all day ):

  33. Nigel says

    I had the same issue. Realized that I was not washing one of the armpits properly after applying soap. The armpit hair had dis-colored in the one in which I was not sweating.
    Washed the armpit properly and removed all the armpit hair and was back to normal in just a couple of days.
    Hope this helps.

  34. Laurie says

    Joining the Sweaty Right Armpit Club to say mine just started yesterday but I recall this happpening off & on over the years (I’m 42; never taken any prescriptions or had any health issues) Gee there’s so many people who have this; I guess it can almsot be considered NORMAL at this point? 🙂 -Btw what’s up w/ so many people spelling the word “deodOrant” incorrectly? That’s actually more of a concern to me than the sweating issue. And you don’t use deodorant to combat sweat – you use anti-perspirant.

  35. Mark says

    it happens to me also. However it switches sometimes from the left being the most and nothing on the right and vice versa. I think it has to do with your mind. For me its an anxiety thing most of the time but not always.

  36. joe says

    Dr. Please i want to know why i am sweating in my right hand with bad smell very bad smell while my left hand sweat same but with no smell at all .
    So why that bad smell on left hand only !?
    Thanks and Regards

  37. Z says

    lol — I have this also. My left arm though. My right arm practically does not sweat at all whilst my left does all the sweating.

    Whats weird is that with all of these comments on here, no MD or any physician has posted anything about it.

    I would have to say that this is just an inconvenient issue that we will all have to live with. Ce’st la vie…

  38. somegirl says

    sigh. looks like I’m the only one who has an uncontrollably sweaty LEFT armpit. My right hardly sweats but my left one does ALL the time… I never keep my arms tight to my sides, yet I continue to sweat and I mean it literally is like water being poured on your bare armpit. Its just wet! I’m continually having to reach out with a tissue and wipe, it seems. I’m not hot, I’m not cold, I’m not nervous. What’s going on?

    My mom said she had the same problem at my age (15) but it stopped at 17 for her. She says its just hormones but this can’t possibly be right. I always have to carry a jacket around with me, no matter what season, and always have to put it on because I have large sweat stains under the one armpit… UGHHhghhgghsgmskghsh this is not normal I swear.

  39. Rachel says

    It feels really reassuring to find that so many people have the same problem as me, however coincidential it is. Right now my left arm is completely dry but my right is very damp and it bothers me a lot. I have no problems with odor, only the sweating. The Secret clinical strength antiperspirant I use doesn’t seem to help much at all. And it was eight bucks! What a rip off. I’m 17 years old and this has been going on for a couple years as far as I’ve noticed. I am also right handed. This seems to be a medical mystery lol…

  40. Rachael says

    I am going to the dermatologist to get a form of Botox soon for my right armpit! Asymmetrical sweating sucks!

  41. ang says

    I have had a sweaty right armpit since puberty (I am now 30) it is worse during change of seasons especially coming in to spring. It limits my clothing choice (I stick to darks and whites) and I have to buy clothes more often but other than that I live my life normally. I like to think it is a manifestation of my fast metabolism, but this may or may not be true.

  42. Mia says

    I sweat out of one armpit like crazy!!!!!! The other arm pit will bearly be moist. I remember in middle school the sweat would go so far down my shirt and on the upper arm but hardly ever would I sweat out of my other pit. I sweat for no reason but ever since I’ve stop wearing tight shirts I havent really sweated now the sweat comes out for a reason.

  43. Michelle says

    Ahhh I’d like to join the sweaty right armpit crew! No stink, just massive sweat. I use the mouse all day maybe a gland is blocked? It’s sooo annoying!!!

  44. Ken says

    Both my wife and I went vegan about 11 months ago. After initial detox notice not bo unless we stray off or accidentally get some meat or dairy. Then, recently, we both notice bo under left armpit only. Sweating seems normal and balanced, as far as I can tell, but odor from left side only

  45. TheSkySweats says

    I also sweat fron right armpit alot. Tried certain-dry doesnt really do much, maybe dries it a little bit. I think in my case as im gaining weight its getting worst. So im going to start loosing weight. I heard on other websites exercise helps alot. You sweat all the water your retaining in your body, which is one of my theories. I will let you know in a few months. If it doesnt work I will be getting my gland clipped.

  46. Laura says

    My mother-in-law has complained about sweating under her left armpit and it stinking. She has had breast cancer, is on lots of medications for blood pressure and other conditions. This has been going on for 1 week but is so bad she keeps a paper towel under her arm. I will consult her Dr because of her history of cancer.

  47. DivorceeBoston says

    I am just glad I am not alone here! My LEFT armpit has been stinking since my 20’s (over 25 years now) and not the left. I can bathe and deodorize and nada. Stank in hours w/o even perspiring! Right side? Could not wash it for days and it won’t smell. This is how I know there is a problem. What’s up Doc?

  48. Dana says

    me too! I have noticed that the people that have trouble with the right arm sweating seem to be exercising when their right armpit sweats way more it happens I am right handed I sweat from both armpits equally my right does not smell at all even though it was 106 degrees today but my left armpit about knocked me over there seems to be two groups here I’m very curious to know the answer it seems to be extremely common Dr Oz can you look into this further for us Thank you

  49. Sarah says

    Mine started a year or 2 ago. I am 28 now. It is only my RIGHT armpit. It’s the worst after I get out of the shower. Wierd huh? And when I get out of bed in the morning. I don’t sweat at all through the night, but as soon as I stand up it starts. It doesn’t smell, just leaks. If I don’t wipe it away, it will stream all the way down my arm. I feel it’s worse when I am stressed. I will be dry and hear some bad news and instantly a stream on the right side. Help Us!!!

  50. Jenny says

    My right arm bit sweats constantly, I can’t wear any color that is noticeable.
    Which prevents me from the fashion colors and styles I love! BUT I NOTICED

  51. Afshin Navabi says

    I have the same problem with way more sweating under my left arm. the sweat has a yellowish color which leaves a stain on my underwear.

  52. Patrick says

    I just Googled this as I’ve noticed that I perspire much more under the right arm – big wet patch there which can get quite uncomfortable but not under the left arm and I’m using the most effective anti-perspirant I can find. At least it keeps it smelling sweet. Fascinating to see so many people have noticed the same thing. I’m right-handed.

    My right foot also gets hot in its shoe and I need to remove it sometimes (the shoe that it, not the foot!) – the left one’s quite happy all day long. Anyone else got this one?

  53. Allison says

    My left arm pit out of no where started just dripping !Can you get a yeast infection from this ? It is a weird smell . Almost sweet. I’m so uncomfortable ! I’m 49 is this a hormonal thing ?

  54. jen says

    Same here. Right armpit, right handed, mother of three, nursed all from right side…left side latching problems so never nursed from that side…connection? Seems I always sweated a lot before that anyways…hands always sweaty, too. Gluten and dairy-free…thinking of going paleo…I’m interested in seeing if there is a medical explanation.

  55. Travis says

    Left armpit dripping wet, right nothing. Started a few months ago. Very strange and annoying since my shirts are always wet on the left side.

  56. raven says

    I’m kind of worried because i used to sweat under both armpits but now i only do under one. Is it really a big deal? Should i get it checked?

  57. Rathish says

    Dear Sir,

    Normally I used to sweat a lot, but sweating under armpit was very less. Recently I started sweating under my armpits more, and now I have noticed that only my right under arm is sweating more while my left armpit is more or less dry. I am worried. Please Help!!!!

  58. kelsey says

    I just started only sweating under my right arm I dont sweat any under my left and it is sometime very sore under my left arm plz help!!!

  59. Mejen says

    I actually have had this problem for over 7 years, I am almost 50, and it is in my LEFT. It is worse when I’m stressed, but just plain weird that, more and more, my right pit doesn’t hardly register this nervous sweat at all…I am pretty sure my right sweats during exercise though…I thought it had to do with menopause…am dying to find out what I can do and to make sure it isn’t a symptom of something more serious because I get a swollen node under my RIGHT armpit just before my cycle and that is lasting longer and longer sometimes not decreasing at all between cycles…is there a connection?

  60. Troy says

    I am a male, 56 years old, and right-handed. I first noticed excessive sweating from the right side of my body in 1996 whilst working at a bakery. I experience the same sweaty right armpit and dry left armpit as many others on here. However, on a hot day, I will also experience beads of sweat all over the right side of my bald head. I can run a hand over the left side of my head, and it’s bone dry. I have not noticed any excessive odour.

  61. Chad says

    I sweat out of right armpit more than my left… but I do still sweat out of my left armpit as well. As a matter of fact, it’s usually accompanied by back sweat and palm sweat as well (sometimes forehead sweat).

    I’ve discovered that when I’m at home, in a stress free environment, doing things at a pace that “I am” comfortable with and not the pace desired of me by someone else, then I barely sweat at all. I think mine is due to a subconscious anxiety. I work in the computer field with ridiculous deadlines expected of me.

    My sweating is so bad that I ruin every shirt I wear, the armpit areas eventually discolor and become hard and stiff. I’m not overweight, I exercise daily. As a matter of fact I started exercising daily hoping it would help relieve my anxiety and sweating issues… but the days I work out I sweat just as much as any other (although the daily exercise keeps my anxiety in check and I highly recommend it).

    People have the belief that a man with sweaty palms lacks confidence, which I don’t… but I dread shaking hands of someone I’m just meeting for the first time… relinquishing my cold clammy wet hand to theirs.

    I expect it’s the foods we eat, combined with the high levels of stress we’re put under daily just to survive Corporate America. 90% of my stresses come from the government not doing what they’re supposed to be doing, or at least what we’re led to believe they’re doing. Protecting our foods, environment and people.. but that’s not the case, it’s about corporations protecting their profits through corruption and lobbying.

    I say it’s stress, and a sign of a more major problem in the U.S. when more than 80% of Americans claim to be having problems or issues with anxiety. High rent/housing cost, food cost, energy cost, fuel cost, clothing cost… everything hyper inflated around us by about 60 years in a 15 year time span… while wages decrease and social benefits are being stripped by the greedy.

    Oh, I have my suspicions as to why we’re all feeling so twisted, stressed, anxious and sweaty.

  62. Travis says

    I actually had this issue for about 9 months. Couldn’t figure it out. I tried different deodorant, massaging the glands thinking somethign was hyperactive for some reason. What I think made it go away was eliminating milk from my diet. I switched over to Almond milk (silk brand) is the only one that tastes good. since then the sweating has gone away. This was spurned on by watching the documentary “forks over Knives with my wfie” who is very health. I’ve played sports my whole life, I’m not overweight, and otherwise I don’t sweat througout the day, unless I exercise of course. But for those 9 months, my left pit would just drip, and it drove me crazy. I had to wear an undershirt or somethign over my works shirt, it was that bad. I hope this helps someone else.

  63. bay says

    okay so ive read some of these comments and most of the sweating seems to be coming from your right armpits. Well, mine comes from my left! My right armpit doesnt ever sweat one drop unless I go to the gym, but my left armpit sweats all the time!

  64. Denise says

    I sweat profusely under my right arm while the left stays bone dry. Ive never noticed me sweating so much that I could actually feel wetness unless i forgot to put deodorant on. Today, it was really hot out and I was stuck in the heat all day tending my yard sale so i was sweating hardcore all over. This first thing i did when I came inside was shed my bra (it was damp from sweat). In doing so, I noticed the lower right side of bra was white and stiff. My head and face have been sweating a lot more lately but I attributed it to being hypothyroid and not on thyroid replacement. And then I started thinking about it, at work, my head sweats more on the right side in the back than anywhere else on my head. But I also have a little personal fan blowing on me from the left side. My left side sometimes gets chilled while the right side is overheating. Its quite a strange feeling to get chilled while overheating. I compare it to laughing and crying at the same time. Its equally strange.

  65. Troy says

    I would have been a twin, except my brother was still-born. Here is a question for any doctors out there: Do sweat glands only develop around the outside surface of an egg, and fail to develop on the inside, where the twins are up against each other? Here is a question for any twins out there: Do you have a pattern of sweating which is opposite to that of your twin?

  66. Nicole Welton says

    Having same occurance with one arm pit “seemingly” random sweat dripping down my side during resting. Turns out its my bodies way of warning me my sugars dropping too rapidly. I’m not diabetic but bought a newglucose meter and discovered I’m hypoglycemic. It is definitely stress and diet related for me. This can be serious if not diagnosed…please if any of you read this go buy a meter they are cheap. I’d bet money at least half of you are hypoglycemic too.

  67. G R says

    My body use to sweat abnormally from just RIGHT ARMPIT…It has made me staying away from my friends and people…I am totally frustrated by my situation and lost all the confidence…Somebody please please please help me…

  68. HopeThisHelps says

    I have had a similar issue. Never sweat profusely, until a year ago. I am 24, female, average weight with no history of family sweating. I don’t smoke or drink. However, sweating has increased abnormally the past year but more profusely from my… Right side. Terribly. In a/c, relaxing, etc… I have sweat. Sleaveless shirts are a must so I don’t ruin my clothes. However, finding common denominators is important. So here are some important factors in my life that may have contributed. They may link us. Please disclose information in further posts. I started having alot more stress over the past year. I have also been eating processed and fastfood alot as I have gone to work (so easy to get). I haven’t been as active (no excercise sadly) and even feel abnormally sluggish. I am starring to think it could be hormonal. Hormones are affected by your diet and, I believe, stress levels of cortisol. It could also be the chemicals in fast food. Since stopping fast food and increasing home made vegetable diet I have felt less like sweating. My stress has also been lower as well which may have contributed. Please comment with any further information you may have to help find a common thread, including family history. It may help us to find a probable causr and perhaps a solution.

  69. Michelle says

    All my life I didn’t sweat much at all .I never really needed to use deodorant .Some years back I noticed my right arm pit sweats sometimes .Left on never dose .I am 46 and I feel this isn’t Normal?

  70. E says

    Same here. Been sweating excessively from my right armpit for about 7 years now. Sometimes, it just sweats for no reason when I’m doing nothing remotely challenging. Been to doctors before and none have been able to find the problem or provide a solution.

  71. Shaun says

    WOW crazy that so many other people have this problem… I’m a 22yr old female and have lived with this for more than a decade (miserably!) It really is a horribly embarrassing thing that you have to alter you life around… I wear ONLY black, white or printed shirts that hide the pit stain(s) or else I have to wear a black jacket over any other solid colored shirt. I have had this issue since about 12 or 13 years old and it seems like it was always pretty even excessive sweating from both my left and right armpits. But in the past few years it has gotten a little better on the left side and worse on the right side. It’s so mortifying if I buy a new shirt that I think will be fine and wear it in public only to realize an hour later that I have a huge pit stain on the right side 🙁 I know people can see it. I’m sure a procedure like getting nerves clipped would be huge medical expense so I’m sure I’ll just have to continue living with it 🙁 but I’m definitely going to re-address this to a doctor (I did a couple yrs after it first started and was given a note to get prescription strength antiperspirant which didn’t do a thing!)

  72. R Thompson says

    I sweat out of right armpit only. I’m not too worried about it, but came to this page out of curiousity and to read comments.

  73. Andi says

    I have the same problem, sweating mainly from my right arm pit. I am right handed, so this arm is usually more active. However, I noticed that i seem to keep this arm closer to my torso, which I am now actively trying to change to improve airflow. (I hope this will reduce the need to sweat.)

    I am male, 34 years old. I am a bit physically active (used to go to the gym twice a week, but now do “free” sports), I work in an office. I sweat heavily all over when it is warm (above 25°C), but beween 15°C and about 20°C it is mainly my right arm pit. I try to live a balanced lifestyle, although I eat too much meat.

    I got some improvements when I use a crystal deodorant stick, which I found in Germany. It is called “murnauer deo kristall”. It is crystaliesed aluminum and potassium and seems to work, however due to the aluminium can be irritating for some people.

  74. Brandi says

    Since having my third daughter I have noticed that I sewat out of my LEFT armpit. I wasn’t one to sweat at all until now. I’m worried that something isn’t righr

  75. Sherry says

    For about a year,I have been sweating and developing an odor underneath my right arm. I don’t have to be active at all. It almost happens immediately after I get out of the shower. I believe I have bought every kind of deodorants on the shelf for both woman and men and nothing works.I’ve tried carrying deodorants along with me and washing under my arm several times a day,that hasn’t been a successful solution either.I see you talk about something growing in there that could be pressing against a nerve. Well I have been experiencing dried milk coming out of my right breast for about six months. Could this have something to do with it? I’m a 41 year old woman with 3 adult children and 1 minor child. My youngest child is 12 yrs old. I had a tubal after she was born. So I’m not understanding the reason for the breast milk.In my mind I feel as though this could be a factor to my armpit problem. It hasn’t been confirmed yet but I think it might be. What is your take on all of this,Dr.Oz…. Please help! Signed Desperate.

  76. Autumn says

    I just recently started to sweat alot under armpit. This has only started the last few months. It has gotten worse over time. No amount of anti persprient has helped with the sweat and the smell! I have tried different anti persprients nothing helps.

  77. Sam Wolf says

    Hello. This is Sam Wolf from Portland, Oregon. I happen to sweat perfusley out of my right pit.

    Thanks Dr. Oz,
    Sam R. Wolf.

  78. Alex says

    My theory is that this is caused by more toxins in one armpit. I do believe (though not yet sure) that after taking hot baths with ginger few days in a row, my situation got better. I will need more time to be sure if this relaly helped or if it is a false lead.

  79. says

    After I stopped hormone therapy about 7 years ago, I started having excessive sweating under my left arm with my hot flashes. It also has an unpleasant odor. My NP gave me a prescription for Phisohex which I don’t use every day because of the chemicals in it. It helps only slightly. I’m very self-conscious about offending someone. Help!

  80. says

    I can be sitting in my chair, completely still, just reading in my air conditioning, cold, and my right armpit just starts excessively dripping sweat. For the past couple years it’s been growing worse, more annoying, and so inconvenient. I respect my body, yet it betrays me. Deodorant or no deodorant, it happens. With any deodorant. Shaven or unshaven. Left is always dry unless I’m extremely, extremely hot and over worked, and even then, barely any sweat. My right armpit’s habit is a nuisance. I can’t raise my right arm in public. I’ll admit I’m totally embarrassed about the puddles it leaves and am not willing to just say f*ck the haters. I’m not ashamed but I damn sure am not proud of my armpit. I’m frustrated and annoyed with it. If it could hear me, I’d scold it…and maybe beg it to stop. It makes me uncomfortable emotionally and physically. I hate when my shirt is absolutely drenched right there. Feels awful. Especially when I feel it start dripping down my stomach. It’s like…are you kidding me?! Very, very rarely, is it not sweating. I may to chop off my arm. That, or botox the little f*cker.

  81. CJ says

    Right armpit as well. Started a few weeks ago. Feels like rain drops sometimes …
    Looks the same as my left armpit, so no idea why it will do this.

  82. Sweaty in Seattle says

    I’m a sonographer (ultrasound tech). I sweat from both. However, for a few years now, the right (my scanning arm) sweats to a noticeably larger degree, is more frangrant n during my cycle that breast sometimes engorges noticeably more than the other (a more recent development). I’ve had scans. Everything’s clear. Just an oddity.

  83. ann says

    I never sweat at all really and there was no need for deodorant but recently I find my left arm has a body odor so that must mean I now seat under that arm. The other arm is odor free.

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