Dr Oz: Spit Ends Home Remedy & Fine Hair Advice & Tips

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Dr Oz: Spit Ends Home Remedy & Fine Hair Advice & Tips

By on May 24, 2010

Doctor Oz was asked by a lady what she can do about her split ends.  I also have split ends in my long hair and really dislike split ends a lot.  I find that if I get my hair trimmed every few weeks, it helps with split ends a lot.  What causes split ends?  And how do we get rid of split ends?  I was hoping that Dr Oz would give a Split End Home Remedy, but I was able to find this promising looking Split End Home Remedy.  If you know of any great hair home remedies or split end home remedies, please leave a comment below!Spit Ends Home Remedy

Dr Oz said that fine hair, genetics and heat damage can all lead to split ends.  By overheating your hair and burning it with a blow dryer or a straightening hair iron, you are applying heat and damaging the delicate structure of your hair.  When you damage your hair by overheating it or color it, the shingles of your hair get destroyed.  Dr Oz said that when you dry your hair, apply the hair dryer to your skin and if it feels too hot to your skin, then you are probably burning your hair too and creating split ends.

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