Dr. Oz: Stomach Sneeze Reflex- Do You Sneeze When You Are Full?

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Dr. Oz: Stomach Sneeze Reflex- Do You Sneeze When You Are Full?

By on March 26, 2010

Doctor Oz was asked by Mary-Anne, a woman in his audience, why she sneezes a few times in a row whenever her stomach is full or when she has a large meal.

Dr. Oz said that some people (very few) have a stomach sneeze reflex.  Your stomach has auto pilot nerves that tell your brain when it is close to full, and these nerves are very close to your sneeze nerves.  In only 2 families have scientists seen where these nerves cross on so people sneeze when they are full.  Very interesting!

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Comments to Dr. Oz: Stomach Sneeze Reflex- Do You Sneeze When You Are Full?

  1. Jennifer Rojas says:

    My father, my brothers and I all sneeze when we are full. My father is no longer living, but my brothers and I always know when we’ve had enough to eat.

  2. This happens to me too, I didn’t know it was rare.

  3. my Mother also has this same reaction after eating even a moderate meal

  4. this also runs in my family – on my dad’s side – my dad, his sister and me. I have been teased about this for years! I am so excited to hear of others who do the same thing.

  5. Philip Clark says:

    My wifes brothers, 3, and 1 sister has this happen. We have only one child, a son who is also following his aunt and uncles.

  6. My husband does this sometimes to the point of ridiculous! I have seen it so often that I can predict that it will be at least 7 but rarely more that 15 sneezes. I have researched this often but with no satisfaction. Just last week I found out that his sister and brother do the same thing, but not to the same extent! So glad I saw it today on the show!

  7. Sandra Kopacsi says:

    My wife also has this disorder where she sneezes anywhere from 6 to 8 times after a meal. If anyone has more information on this, please E-Mil me. Thank you

  8. Charlotte Bush says:

    For years I have thought I was having an allergic reaction. I tried writing down what I had eaten when this happened to find a common food. But there wasn’t one. It is great to know what it is now.

  9. My Father has always had sneezing fits (6-10 sneezes in a row). It’s nice to finally know why he does this!

  10. This happens to my dad, brother, and I. I always get mad fun of. My friend called me up and told it was on doctor OZ!

  11. In our family it is only the women who sneeze – the men simply sniffle. :) So far the younger generation is neither sniffling nor sneezing. Interestingly, my grandmother sneezed, on average, 3 times; my mother 13 times; I started at 3 but have moved up to about 6.

  12. I have this same issue. My allergist prescribed a nasal inhaler to be used prior to eating. I have not tried it yet. Here’s to a quiet dinner!

  13. This happends to me also, but only since my RNY Gastric Bypass. I almost always sneeze three times.

  14. Mary Ellen says:

    Perhaps not so rare. My daughter-in-law also has this phenomenon.

  15. Danielle says:

    I also have been sneezing after being very full from a large meal for about 10 years now. It seemed to have started when I was about 18 and has continued. It can be anywhere from 3-20 times in a row. I also had Pyloric Stenosis at 2 weeks old and was wondering if that may have anything to do with it. No one else in my family (that I’m aware of) has this issue. Good to know I’m not the only one with this weird little problem…LOL!

  16. My father (deceased) always sneezed after he ate but I don’t know of anyone else in the family who did/does. If there are only 2 families that this phenomena was found in, does that make us all related somehow or is it really not so rare?

  17. I have been doing this for years. I didn’t know why and now I do. Thank you Dr. Oz.

  18. Janice Koshinsky says:

    I also have this. it only started with me about 3 years ago after i had gastric bypass surgery. I thought i was alone with this but it seems more have it than anyone realizes. I usually sneeze anywhere from 6 to 10 times in a row.

  19. KAREN DUFFY says:

    My sneezing fits started in the mid 80’s and continues today. I sneeze at least 16 times in a row when my stomach gets full. It can be embarrassing especially when people start staring… I am glad to know that I am not alone…….

  20. Dogsoldier says:

    My Dad always sneezed multiple times after a big family feast. I have been sneezing after a big meal since my twenties (now 51). My husband always found it amusing! I usually sneeze around 13 times and that’s my lucky number! Hey, everyone likes a good sneeze or 13.

  21. Holly Kitterman says:

    My Dad, my twin sister, and I all sneeze after we eat. Thanksgiving is very interesting! :)

  22. not alone says:

    this has been going on since my teens… i’m now in my early 30’s… i’ve never met anyone else who’s had this before… i’ve seen 2 different dr’s about 12 years ago who laughed as they thought i was joking and said they’ve never heard of such thing and that they weren’t related… has anyone found more information on this?

  23. I’ve been sneezing after meals for most of my life, Nice to know why!

  24. QuentinR says:

    A friend of mine told me about seeing this on the show. Its funny its ran in our family for years. I didn’t even know it was unusual, until after a big meal, i started sneezing and told my wife, “i ate to much!”. She gave me a funny look, but my mom, brother, uncles, and cousins all have this! Maybe not as rare as i thought!

  25. ive always thought i was weird for sneezing when i was full. now i know its not that weird. i also sneeze if i have winterfresh gum. now i know why. hmmm

  26. Minelli says:

    This runs on my dad’s side of the family as well – my dad and a couple of uncles sneeze anywhere from 4-10 times depending on how full they are. I have it, too, and sneeze exactly 3 times when I eat too much. So weird!!

  27. It started in my adult years. I could never figure out why the sneezing happened at some meals but not others. I now realize that it’s triggered when I’ve eaten too much. It’s like having a built in portion control button. When my nose starts to run I know it’s time to put the fork down. My Mother also has this happen, and my Father in-law. I wonder if this could start happening to either of my kids?

  28. Alyce Callahan says:

    It started when I was an adult, I never had this issue when I was a child. After several years of putting up with I went in and asked the Dr. (at the time we lived in PR). He told me that I was not having allergic reactions to any food, it was my body’s way of telling me that I was full. The trick was to learn when I was almost full and stop eating. My family would always get a kick out of this issue because they would laugh at me and say uh oh – Mom must be full! I have it almost under control but there are times when I will have a sneezing attack. Is this something that is genetic, do my kids have to worry about this issue? I am surprised to see how many people in the world actually have this problem. I use to think it was just me. thanks for airing this health concern.

  29. I wonder if there is in fact some connection between everyone who has replied on here saying they have this full stomach – sneeze reflex… what are your family’s origins and backgrounds? How fun would it be if some of you were long lost, distant relatives!

  30. VerLinda says:

    I have sneezing after meals for years. I had the gastric bypass last year and even sneezed after my liquid meals. I still sneeze after a meal but no one else in my family does. None of my cousins, children or grandchildren have ever heard of this. If it is in the family genes wouldn’t someone have it in mine too?
    Thank you for airing this topic.

  31. does anyone know where this study is being done? I would love to be a part of it?

  32. I have been doing this for years, and had previously asked my doctor about it and he had never heard of it. Also, a co-worker of mine and her sister both do this as well! I am so happy I am not the only one!

  33. Alison , Okanagan Valley BC says:

    This happens to me as well, about half an hour after a large meal, it used to always happen at supper at restaurants and always thought it was due to additives in the food, msg, etc. Now I understand its just the large portion sizes (which still keep growing and growing).. The stuffiness and congestion after meals began in my early 20s and has gotten gradually worse to full blown sneezing attacks in to my mid-40s now. I have also developed IBS in the last 15 years, so I wonder if it’s all related somehow..they say half your brain (nerves) are in your digestive system..)

  34. I have been doing this for years as well……..my husband used to always laugh at me and always have the extra napkins ready cause when i was done with my meal i will sneeze about 3-5 times!! it was so exciting to see and hear that this an actual problem that other people have and i wasn’t just strange ha ha ha thanks so much dr oz for this info!!

  35. Thus happens to some of my family too from my mom’s side. Sometimes if I’m eating something that’s really food, I eat it fast so I won’t get full so quick, because once I sneeze I cannot eat another bite. Lol

  36. kaytie allen says:

    i had no idea this happened to other people at one point i thought i was alergic to the dishwasher powder lol!

  37. Jennifer Beckley says:

    I’ve been sneezing when I am full for over 20 years. I just thought I was a freak or something. My family just watches me sneeze 9 times after every meal…especially if I have eaten more than usual. Glad to know others have the same issue.

  38. I am the only one in my whole family to sneeze after a big meal, and have been doing this since I was a kid.

  39. My family thinks that it is really strange. I am sixteen and I don’t eat meat (On account I think its disgusting, so pork and beef is a no go) so when I do eat it isn’t that much. However, occassionally when I go to eat at a resturant or when I do eat something that fills up my stomach. After I am done eating I sneeze exactly ten times. And it really bugs me. Anyway to stop this problem?

  40. Very cool! Well, not really, but we all see to suffer from about the same thing. I honestly thought it was just me. Mine though almost ALWAYS happens when I eat out, usually at a nice restaurant. NEVER happens at home almost ALWAYS happens EVERYTIME when I eat out.

  41. Okay so it is a built in portion control; so people with this are thinner than the ones who do not have this sneeze trigger? I’m not ultra skinny or model skinny just avg size 8 to be exact, but I have always been the skinny one in my family. This trigger must be from my Dad’s side and he is Norwegian. I don’t know that side of the family so I can’t say for sure, but on Mom’s side I am the rare sneeze r after large meals.

  42. I have been married to my husband for 18 years. He has always sneezed with in minutes after eating a meal. Only 2 to 5 minutes after every meal he will start sneezing…usually about five times with in seconds of each other. Seeing so many people post here makes me question just how “rare” this really is.

  43. MARGIE CALZADA says:

    OMG! After telling a few friends that I always sneeze when I am full, one looked it up on line and found out it really does happen and I am not crazy….. although it mostly leads to a headache. I have been doing this for years, and for years people thought I was nuts!!!! I will gladly share this web site..

  44. Thomas Kruska says:

    It’s embarrassing, having to excuse myself after a meal… esp at a restaurant. I thought maybe an allergy to spices, or, recently… msg? I just don’t know… it’s been going on for years. Tom… hachoo!

  45. KAYTIE ALLEN...AGAIN! says:


  46. Mine started 5 1/2 years ago following gastric bypass surgery. My husband and closest friends all know when I’ve eaten to much (as that is the only time it happens). I’ve gotten better over the years of eating slower and knowing when I’m about to hit that point of fullness, so it doesn’t happen as often. But I will have myself a sneezing fit for 5 – 10 minutes following a meal that I had to much of.

  47. Interesting discussion. In the 1990s a group I was in launched a web site on photic sneezing : ie the phenomenon where people sneeze when suddenly exposed to bright light, typically the sun, but other bright sources too for some people. We did this because in those days none of us had ever heard of anyone else (at least outside our own families) who had the reflex. Now, fifteen years later, there is a lot of information about it and even a Wikipedia page in several languages.

    We very soon received messages from people who experienced both sneezing in the sun and also after eating – generally a large meal, and eventually we heard from people who only experienced the sneezing after eating and not after being exposed to the sun.

    So it seems to indicate a related reaction – the theory of strands of the trigeminal nerve crossing would seem to account for both.

    I wonder how many of those who responded here also experience photic sneezing?

  48. I started sneezing when I ate too much when I was 18. I am 32 now and I still do it. I am glad to know there are others out there like me…
    At first my friends didn’t believe me but as they were around me more and more they realized it was true!

  49. I am trying to find out why I just sneezed 23 times in a row, and half sneezes while sneezing. No, I did not eat. It tends to happen at this time of the day, and yes the sun is in my livingroom. I do not look at unless I can feel it coming, and it does not work. I am allergic to everything, not joking.

  50. I have been sneezing when full since the onset of adulthood. I am the only one on either side of my family with this condition. I also have hyperhydrosis that is more connected with the humidity level than temperature. The aggrevating thing is when I eat something that, not necessarily hot, but spicy or tart, will cause my head to sweat profusely, to the point that it is running in rivulets down my face and neck. Just a little mustard on the soft palate and I’m soaked. I have often wondered if these two conditions were connected.

  51. I do this too. After every meal i sneeze when i am full. But no one in my family does this besides me… iss it hereditary?

  52. I started sneezing after every meal since I had my daughter 4 yrs ago….I sneeze 15 to 20 times after I am full….I am glad to know that im not alone in this….No one else in my family has this..that I know of….I want to know if it will cause long term affects?

  53. Theresa says:

    My father and I both do this, my mom said it’s how she knows she made a great dinner. We discussed this at a family meal and my fathers Aunt also did it. My father, who is one of 10 children is the only one that inherited it and my sister did not inherit it and none of my cousins (over 30) have inherited it, so even in the same family it is fairly rare.

  54. My husband and I sneeze several times after a large meal. My son thinks we’re nuts because he doesn’t do it.

  55. joulesbeef says:

    I’m glad I am not the only one. And great to have some sort of explanation. I like to claim I am allergic to over eating and give it undo credit for my thinness.

    But it is quite annoying and when I am with company i try to make sure I never cross that threshold, which normally means I go hungry or at least less than satisfied.

    and no one else in my family does it either.

  56. Marie Powell says:

    I asked a question, why do I get cramps when I sneeze? The answer was: the stomach is full, but that’s not the case for me. I was getting ready to eat breakfast, and I sneeze and my stomach cramped up….Why is that?

  57. Savannah Sarmiento says:

    After I eat (usually after lunch) and (always after dinner), I sneeze because I’m full… and what’s really weird is that I feel less full after sneezing, which I want to know- is THAT normal? To feel less full after sneezing… I’ll sneeze for about 10 minutes and then it’s gone.

  58. Savannah Sarmiento says:

    After I eat (usually after lunch) and (always after dinner), I sneeze because I’m full… and what’s really weird is that I feel less full after sneezing, which I want to know- is THAT normal? To feel less full after sneezing… I’ll sneeze for about 10 minutes and then it’s gone.

  59. WOW, there are alot of us out there! Again I thought I was the one and only, ha on me!
    When i’m out and people look at me, I just tell them its allergy’s. It’s really nice to have an explanation finally! I just kept thinking I was allergic to overeating, but that didn’t stop me:)
    Thank you Dr. Oz!!

  60. p,s.
    Dr. Oz, I think those scientists need to do more studying on this subject!!

  61. I am one of six siblings, my father started the sneezing for us. Four of the six of us have this.
    We’re lots of fun at Thanksgiving!

  62. Janice Silver says:

    My paternal grandmother and father did this, and I do. I can tell though, that if I ate another couple of bites or finished my drink, I would go into a protracted sneezing fit. My record so far is 13. I also sneeze when I pluck my eyebrows or brush with minty toothpaste. Just a little stink from something burning off a stove burner may set me off. My nose is also very sensitive and I pick up on just wafts of scent that others don’t notice. The nose knows, I guess!

  63. My daughter and I both do this after eating too much. It’s usually when we eat out. You know, we think if we’re paying for it, we’ve got to eat it all. lol Anyway, she is 25 and I am 48. People think I’m nuts when I say I always sneeze when I’ve eaten too much, but it’s the truth. Any suggestions to make it not happen or to stop it? Thanks.

  64. Thank you Dr Oz, it’s great to finally have an explanation and find others out there! A few years back I asked my doctor about it and he thought it was very odd but had no explanation for it. I was recently diagnosed with a hiatus hernia and I the only thing that works to control my reflux is to avoid overeating. So perhaps my body was always trying to tell me to stop eating!

  65. thank god im not the only one…..i have a slew of health issues all including my head nose ears throat and migraines and right after i eat (not necessarily full) but when im finished i get extremely congested (having to spit extremely thick mucus out) and sneeze uncontrollably until i blow my nose so hard it hurts, afterwards i feel like i have to throw up and sometimes do……but afterwards say 15-30 mins it goes away and im left with just the pain of blowing my nose, a nasty pot-nasal drip (which i have ALL of the time), and the feeling of nausua. ive heard of gastary rhinitis (spelled wrong) but never been checked or diagnosed but all i know is it sucks and makes enjoying food almost impossible, not too mention extremely embarrasing. any help you could give doc would be greatly appreciated.

    signed, tired of going to doctors who tell me theres nothing wrong!!!!

  66. I have been sneezing when I’m full most of my life. No one in my immediate family does this, but my grandfather did. I would love to know other symptoms that may occur. For example, a higher intolerance to medication? Is it harmful to sneeze 10 times or more a day? Can it make you more prone to sinus issues over time?

    I would appreciate more research and / or information.

  67. I do this and think its funny.. but it only started after I had gastric bypass.. My brother sneezes when he eats something greasy…

  68. I am so relieved to find out I am not the only one! I have done this for years, and I am the only one in my family who does it. Everytime we go out to a nice restaurant and I eat until I am full, I start an episode of sneezing attacks. My husband gets embarrassed by it, my kids think its hilarious. I also hiccup whenever I take a drink of soda or alcohol, every drink, pretty much every time.

  69. Ha I do this too. I was pregnant with # 2 when It happened. Went away and after # 3 it stayed. Everyone laughs at me. They think it odd. I sneeze about 5 to 6 times and then I am done. :)

  70. I’ve been sneezing like this for at least 25 years. My dad sneezes when full, and so does his father. It’s quite funny when the three of us all start in within minutes of each other.

  71. I do this all the time, when im full and i am so sick of it. Some foods i sneeze more too. I am soo sick of sneezing. I think i am allergic to dairy as well. But alot of times its just because i eat to much. My liver is absorbing fat too. First thing that happes is my nose gets filled up and then comes the seezing and then i feel drained and discombobulated!

  72. William Bjornson says:

    I do this when my stomach is empty. I might have a little pang (or not) and I can feel the impulse start way down in the pit of my stomach and it feels like it just flows up my middle and explodes out in a sneeze or three. I have never experienced it on a full stomach.

  73. My dad and I do this also. All of my friends think I am full of $@&* or just a freak of nature, but now I can refer them tk this information!!! Thanks

  74. I started sneezing after I had gastric sugary at least my girlfriend knows when I’m full lol.

  75. both me and my mom sneeze when full, and I mean a fit of many sneezes lol, so I guess it is hereditary

  76. My husband does this also!

  77. mrs anderson says:

    my brother likes to say i allergic to the bill!!! but i to do this and never understood why.. ty dr for finally shedding some light on this issue.. i thought i was the only one!! we need to to get a support group together hahaha!! i think ill stop eating b4 i get full see if that helps my sneezing fits!!! woohoo !! im not a freak of nature!!!!

  78. my husband, son and daughter do this everytime they are full. Doesn’t seem to be that rare???

  79. I sneeze when I’m full. My sister and my father also have this. This leads me to believe it is hereditary but no Dr has ever confirmed it.

  80. I too sneeze uncontrollably when I am full. It’s more than just a few though, and they are violent sneezes. I also sneeze when I’m nauseous. I’ve done this since I was a child. I’ve never talked to a doctor about it because it’s always been there. I just deal with it…but it IS odd.

  81. thisorthat says:

    I sneeze whenever I overeat. Almost every Friday night at my moms when she makes a big meal and I pig out. Sneeze for about 10 minutes or so. Feel congested in my sinus’s for awhile then I usually get really tired and fall asleep for an hour. Interesting. I always thought it might be a particular food, went and was tested for food allergies, but there was no commonality about the foods that triggered me other then I ate too much. It took me years to figure it out. Glad to know I am not unique.

  82. meg dedene says:

    i sneeze several times as i’m falling asleep, every time i fall asleep. what could be the reason for this?

  83. Teresa Lucas says:

    My sister and I both sneeze when we are full. Some people think we do this on purpose…voluntarily. I’m glad to know that it is something that actually exists and I can refer them to this site!

  84. Hi,i have been sneezing when full for 12 years now and put it down to a hiaces hernia in my diaphram,thinking that when i was full my stomach expanded and put pressure on my lungs due 2 the hernia,…also i thought that it may be smoking related,is there any sence in my thnughts,also i notice from the comments made that this seems to be more common in women, do u have any thoughts on this Doc?

  85. Catherin says:

    I used to sneeze violently most every day and since having surgery to relieve a compressed spinal cord at c 5 I have not sneezed in 4 yrs anyone have any answer for me thanks

  86. Rachele Miranda says:

    I did this too. I purposely don’t eat to that point and I noticed that I have dropped 15 pounds because I’m not eating to be full but eating several small meals intead. The sneezing was getting annoying especially when going out to a restaraunt. Try the smaller meals several times a day the sneezing will stop.

  87. Christina says:

    I have only done this since I had my Gastric Byass Surgery.I will sneeze many times and feel a little bit less full but I take that as a sign to not eat more anyway…. even if I really want something on my plate. Like tonight. I want my peas…. oh well.. they will have to wait for snack lol.

  88. My Step mom has this, I know there is a special name for it! It starts with an S!
    Does anyone know?

  89. Savannah says:

    What is this sneezing-stomach fullness reflex called? Is there a name for it?

  90. My dad (deceased) and I both sneeze when we are full. My friends think I’m weird. I remember my data sneezing after a meal and then as an adult I started noticing I did it too. But not everytime I ate. So I started paying attention and discovered that it only happened when I was full or over full. I told my co-worker and so everytime I sneeze she ask what I have I had to eat and that I must be full. LOL.

  91. I am totally embarrassed by it. I always sneeze after eating or drinking a cocktail. I know people must be thinking I am spreading harmful germs. I never knew it might be from being full but I don’t understand the relation to a cocktail when I am not full from food. And, if I get a chill from the A/C in a restaurant, for instance, I will sneeze many times in a row. I will be more conscious of how much I eat to see if it ceases.

  92. I’m the only one in my family that does it my boyfriend found this site and told me what it was one day while we were at a resteraunt eating dinner and I started sneezing uncontrolably.he got a big kick out my emberassment.

  93. Karen Kelly says:

    I only sneeze when I get over-full. I have always done this, even as a very little kid. I have had friends through the years who thought I was simply imagining this, that I had coincidentally sneezed following a meal a couple times as a child, and it set me up to believe it always happens when i overeat. I am so glad to know others experience this phenomena. No other family members experience this. I too am curious about the ethnic and ancestral backgrounds of folks who experience this. My maternal background is Irish: Paternally Irish, norwegian and possibly some german, african american. I am interested in exploring this further.

  94. Well I’m glad to see there is others out there with this (rare) sneezing when full I know it comes from my mother what a thing to pass on. Ha

  95. Renee Ettlemyer says:

    I have sneezed at least 3 times and as many as 9 times after each meal for as long as I can remember. I am now 51 years of age, it doesn’t matter the time of day I eat, the type food I eat. When I eat and I get full, I sneeze and I can’t eat anymore. If I eat anymore once I sneeze I become physically ill and will vomit.


  97. I am so relieved to hear about other folks that have this sympton after eating. It occurs when I am out eating and will often occur before I have finished eating. It is embarrising and there are other members of my family who have the very same sneezing fits. I sneeze 10 times or more and each sneeze becomes more violent and by the end I feel like It is so hard that my stomache is about to burst. I asked my primary care physician about it and he said there was no connection become my digestive system and he did not know what could be causing. I am a healthy 76 year old female and have done this as long as I can remember. Hope there is something that I can do or take to stop it. Thang you, Patricia

  98. justanothersneezer says:

    Just throwing in a comment that I always sneeze 10-12 times after big meals (mostly restaurant meals), too. Long ago I found the term “snatiation”, but it didn’t quite cover the situation. Distended stomach and crossed signals sounds more like what is happening.

    Perhaps the condition is not rare at all: what is rare is a doctor listening and taking it seriously. When I first brought up my sneezing with a doctor in the mid-90s, he told me to hold a finger under my nose. Other doctors have just ignored it – I don’t think they even write it down. I finally got more assertive and explained to a doctor that I was worried it would cause hemhorraging in my eyes (which have many angioid streaks and the potential to bleed). The doctor agreed that yes indeed it could. And then offered ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the way of further diagnosis, treatment, or even discussion.

    It makes me an angry that doctors and policymakers lecture from on high about the moral and fiscal evils of “unnecessary testing”, when in my experience doctors are perfectly capable of avoiding treating you or diagnosing you for decades at a time. Their wish not to bother with allergy (or other tests) supersedes the patient’s health and/or comfort!!!

  99. My fellow sneezeres!!! What a distinguished brotherhood… 45, been having this condition for many years, but it started only during my adulthood. I might be the first representative here from Israel, so yes, it is here as well, and my little sister also has it. Someone must pick up the glove and research for a treatment, I am positive there is one just waiting to be found. The more of us out there being heard, the more commercially attractive this will get for medical corporation to fund this research… until then – hap-choooo to all :)

  100. I couldn’t believe when I googled this problem that I actually found several hits and confirmation from many people that it is a known problem. As others have stated, it only started for me after my RNY gastric bypass 6 years ago. I’ve been living with it, thinking it was too silly for it to be a medical condition!! What I have found, however, is that it only happens if I eat too fast – meaning that my reduced-size stomach fills quickly. I then get at least 3 really strong double sneezes. If I eat slowly and chew my food well, it doesn’t happen. Maybe this is a solution for some of the other sufferers.

  101. This happens to me too! It also happens to my sister and my brother and my grandma used to do this too. When we get full or close to being full, we sneeze, however, I usually sneeze between 15-20 times. I have learned to stop eating when I feel my nose getting stuffy. I also do this when I feel sick to my stomach, and here’s the weirdest part, I do this after I sneeze after I brush my teeth. Again usually about 15-20 times!

  102. Courtney says:

    My father, brother, sister (deceased), and I have sneezed after over eating for as long as I can remember. I thought it was just something strange in our family. None of our children, however, do this. Oh, and in my case, if I eat to the point of being nauseated the sneezing instantly relieves it. Go figure.

  103. Heather Beam says:

    I am 35, and have been doing this for about a year…just decided to google it and found this, have not talked to my doctor about it, for last time i went i didn’t think about it. One thing I have noticed is it usually happens only when i go out to eat, but will occasionally happen after a home cooked meal, particularly grilled foods, don’t know the connection, but glad to know i am not the only one. I usually have a pretty severe attack, and sneeze 10-15 times.

  104. Heather Beam says:

    One thing I have been researching this and it is connected to GERD, which i have been diagnosed with.

  105. This happens to me as well almost every time I get really full and with peppermint gum after a large meal. I thought it was just me and my husband always laughs and tells me I must be full. It has been happening for about 10 or 12 years and usually always 6 or 7 times in a row.

  106. I had gastric bypass surgery in April 2012. In July as I started to eat a bit more and more I noticed that I would sneeze when I became full. It took a little bit to put it together, but because it was so uncomfortable to sneeze on a full stomach, It wasn’t too long when I finally realized it was because I overate or became full. My curiosity was getting to me and so I got on here to find out if there was some connection. I see that there are several people that have this going on, but what really interests me are the folks who had the bypass surgery. I didn’t have these sneezing episodes until after the surgery. Wondering if anyone has talked to their Dr and gotten any answers. I’ve heard of a nerve that gets stimulated when the smaller stomach gets full. I don’t see the Dr again until October, so if anyone has the answer already, I’d sure appreciate some insight. Thanks.

  107. photic sneeze reflex

  108. Stomach fullness is another example of a stimulus that causes uncontrollable sneezing that may be linked to the photic sneeze reflex. People who exhibit this symptom undergo uncontrollable fits of 3-15 sneezes immediately after eating large meals which completely fill the stomach. The so-called snatiation reflex occurs independently of the choice of food eaten, and is not believed to be an allergic reaction of any kind.[10] Although even less well-understood than photic sneezing and sneezing in response to periocular injection, the trait appears to be inherited in an autosomal dominant fashion.[11]

  109. I have this too, Apparently its not that rare… I think Doctor Oz is full of it.

  110. Sneeze about 5-9 times after eating large meals and have to blow nose a few times in between sneezes. I’m glad to finally know why this happens and I;m not the only one. Mystery solved/ Thank you Dr Oz

  111. Adam Vincent says:

    I sneeze 8-9 times after eating any large meal, plus after a light breakfast. My mother also had the same condition, although she was 94 when she died so condition unlikely to be considered life threatening! Sorry to read comments from Riley, there’s always one!

  112. WOW! I googled this because my husband has been sneezing after eating for awhile now and we have been thinking that it must be an allergy to something in the food. It almost always happens after he eats in a restaurant. So nice to know that it’s simply a matter of having eaten too much or too fast….or maybe even both. For all you folks complaining about having it…I would gladly take it from you if I could! How wonderful it would be if to have a sure physical sign that you’ve had enough! People who eat fast typically overeat but to have your nose start running or sneezing when you’ve hit your limit would be a sure sign to just stop eating!

  113. Doesn’t seem to be rare at all after all these comments. My father always sneezed after a big meal and so do I. We noticed it seemed to happen esp. after a meal including chicken or shrimp. Since I’m mostly vegetarian now, it doesn’t happen so much, but if the pigout involves lots of egg and dairy, a sneezing fit is more likely. I still can’t help thinking an accumulation of mild allergens has something to do with it. Most large meals might push someone with numerous mild allergies past the breaking point.

  114. It happens to me too! Sometimes they’ll be a lot of napkin wads all over the table. Thank god I’m not alone.

  115. The term that has been coined for this condition is Snatiation. The word Snatiation was coined by Judith G. Hall of the University of British columbia Clinical Genitics Unit. Grace Hospital, Vancouver, Canada.

    Snatiation is thought to be an inherited trait. (autosomal dominant inheritance), and is a combination of the words sneeze and satiation. See the report by Teebi and Al-Saleh describing this condition.

    By the way I suffer from a smiliar condition which manifested after having had gastric bypass surgery. Once i start to feel that sneeze coming on, I know it’s time to quit eating!

  116. I. Langlois says:

    Today is my 53rd birthday, We went out to dinner and after cake I sneezed 17 times. To find out about this disorder was a lovely gift. I have been driving my family crazy for years! When I eat a full meal I usually sneeze into the teens -sometimes into the 20s. Doesn’t happen after every meal, however, when it does it is exhausting. I have brought it up to my MD but they have just brushed it off. Thank you Dr. Oz!

  117. pc blevins says:

    So happy I googled about this sneezing problem and found that there are others with the same condition. I have not noticed this happening to others while eating out though, but now I know when my nose starts to run, it is a sign to stop eating. I did ask my Dr. about it several years ago and she said it sounded like a reflex, but didn’t explain it to me. I too thought it was a food allergy. So glad to know I am not alone.

  118. I noticed this as being a genetic trait back in 1976 while attending the White family reunion in Philadelphia, MS. After eating, I noticed quite a few members sneezing as I was also doing. I inquired if they sneezed almost every time when full and they replied yes. For me, it is quite a nuisance…I really hate sneezing after eating, and my wife knows I’ve not had enough to eat until I start sneezing. My friends think it is hilarious.

    I also often get headaches behind my eyes and on the sides of my head when barometric pressure drops fast. I call them rain headaches as every time I get them, it will rain within 24 hours.

  119. I am so happy that I’m not the weird one…I’ve been sneezing after eating a full meal for years. People use to laugh at me all the time..we did figure its because of over eating and not allergies. My husband can tell when I’m ready to sneeze especially enjoying my meals then finds himself explaining to others that I ate to much. Anyway, I’ve learned not to eat so much in one sitting.
    Buon appetito!

  120. Myself, one of my three daughters and one of my three grand daughters all experience this phenomena. I have had gastric surgery but sneezed when full before that, just eat o lot less before it happens now. Don’t know what autosomal means-anybody else can explain it.?

  121. Happens to me after I had stomach surgery!!!

  122. I have just started to sneeze after eating. I do not have to eat a lo. I do not even have to have solid food.,.somemes just tea! The worst part is that I sneeze so violently that I get sick! It is very frustrating running to the restroom and getting sick…and then being hungry again and having to start over. This is crazy.

  123. Laura Delgado says:

    So cool that I’m not the only strange person sneezing!
    Used to leave my favorite restaurants
    And stop to sneeze uncontrollably in the parking lots.
    Thought I was allergic to trees in the parking lots. LOL.
    After realizing what was happening I thought I’d lose weight.
    No Such Luck. LOL

  124. Hmmm… it seems that more than just a “very few” people have this going on… I know that most everyone in my husbands family and my youngest daughter (not blood related to hubby) sneeze after eating, at first I thought it was funny but my daughter said its really quite uncomfortable.

  125. I think Dr. Oz needs to look at more statistics. I have had this for as long as I can remember! My family laughs at me and on holidays or while out eating in public I have to explain why I am sneezing a million times!! Not only do they stare, they do not understand what a nuisance this is!

  126. And yes it is very uncomfortable! You sneeze, blow your nose, sneeze blow your nose! Very irritating!!!!

  127. I think it would be neat if a bunch of us got together and went out for a meal together….we could have a mob flash sneezing.

    Personally, I know it is hereditary in my family, and I hate sneezing after I am done eating.

  128. I have been doing this for years and everyone that I tell why I’m sneezing laughs at me and asks me if I’m serious. My 16yr old son just started about a year ago and he is freaked out that he now has the mom full sneeze :)

  129. I thought that I was the only one that this happened to. I sneeze between 4-7 time are getting full or having a good size meal. I have had this issue for about 20 years. It first started shortly after I joined the Army. I used to joke and say that it was the result of some shot that I received during basic training… lol I never addressed this with a doctor though; it never really bothered me, I just thought of my sneezing bouts as peculiar.

  130. i started doing this when i was 16 but im the only 1 in my family that dose this that know of no matter how much or how little i eat i sneeze about 10 to 15 times after i eat

  131. I have been asking Dr’s for years and they all brushed it off. So glad to hear it’s not just me!

  132. P. Caswell says:

    My mother does this – she will sneeze 5 times and we all know that she is done eating!

  133. I just happened to come across this because I sneeze several times after eating…ANYTHING. I don’t have to be full. I can eat only a bagel and I sneeze. I’ve always wondered why this happens, now this may give me a clue to it :)

  134. I have this same reactions after eating. I thought it was allergies but I couldn’t find any pattern. It happes after hot or cold meals, spiced or not… it didn’t matter. My family always laughed saying Mom’s done eating … she started sneezing! My son now 25 just told me he has started doing the same thing. I am going to try the smaller meals and see it that helps.

  135. I have the same thing happen to me! I didnt know it was a rare thing, but I also didnt know what caused it. Nice to know there are more people out there than just me! I thought i was a black sheep!

  136. Wow me and my twin both have this problem, but no one else in the family does..its interesting to finally know why!

  137. I’m in that rare group. I sneeze almost every time after I get done eating! At least 3 times. I just found this article and now I know why.

    Ahhh… just gotta love our amazing unique bodies. :)

  138. I am Pregnant with # 3 and i just started this Sneezing everytime i start eating. Not so much when i am full but As I begin to eat. its Very odd.I hope it ends with the pregnancy lol

  139. Me, my Mom and my oldest son all do this…but over the years I’ve become fond of it, I call it my full meter…when we are out with friends or family my husband will notice me getting the telltale signs and say looks like Kimmie is full and laugh it kind of smooths it over some. I’m glad i found this site though, I always wondered about it and honestly outside of the three of us have never met anyone else who has this happen to them.

  140. Wow.. I thought I was the only one… I’m the only one in my family although I don’t know my dad and his family very well… I’m surprised other people do this too.. its been happening since I was about 17 or 18 and now I’m almost 29.. ususaly about 3-5 times in a row when I’m full or almost full… I’ve never met anybody else with this condition.. thank God for Google lol

  141. I have recently had a Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass. I started sneezing when I get full just since surgery. I wondered what was going on. Now I know I’m not alone.

  142. After reading these I consider myself lucky that I only sneeze 3 times after I eat. When I googled this phenomenon I saw lots of bogus answers telling people to get with their doctors or avoid certain foods. Dr. Oz knows his stuff. Curious though, did they just observe 2 families? We can’t all be related. lol

  143. Wow! It is so comforting to find so many people on here that sneeze after eating. I have sneezed after meals for as long as I can remember; I believe it started around 20 (I am 38 now). I always thought it was related to my dairy intolerance, but it also happens when I don’t eat dairy. Now I believe that I have sensitivity to Gluten sense I have symptoms of that as well; I wonder if it is all related.

  144. Good to know it’s not just me! I’ve been sneezing when I eat too much since I was about 10 and I’m 24 now. Although interesting that you thought that Melissa, about gluten as I’m a Coeliac. Glad there’s so many out there that sneeze after a big meal too, lol my Mam just thought I was really weird!!

  145. OK … mine is a little different that what I have been reading. Right after the first bite or two of mmy meal, I sneeze once or twice. I have no allergies that anyone has been able to find, I don’t sneeze while cooking unless I’m using black pepper. It doesn’t happen always, but probably about 60% of the time. And it started probably when I was in my thirties. Does anyone else exhibit similar symptoms to these. I’ve not found anything else online except for the photic reflex, the chocolate reflex (I sneeze if I eat chocolate too) and sneezing when you’re full from eating.

  146. This runs for us, on my dad’s side. He has it, my brother and myself
    As soon as we are finished, it seems, I begin to sneeze, sneeze, sneeze along with running nose that I have excuse myself to blow. BUT for us? It only happens when we are out eating, NOT AT HOME. Isn’t that so weird!

  147. My mother and I both sneeze right after a meal. Sometimes I will sneeze a dozen times… People laugh and we call it my “full indicator.” It does not happen every time but I would say about half of the time. I didnt know anyone else did this and use to blame on an allergy to a food dye or something since I could not find any common factors!! Atleast now I know there are others like us!!

  148. Kristie L says:

    I always sneeze after eating too muxh, and I eat realy small portions compared to most people I know. I also sneeze if I feel nausious. I sneeze any where from 10 to 20 times and have been doing it my whole life

  149. Patrick says:

    I always sneeze when I am full. The running joke in my crowd is….when we are out to dinner, it’s time to get the bill when I start sneezing. Interesting to know I am not alone in this.

  150. My mom and i both sneeze when we get full! My boyfriend always jokes and says that he knows when i’ve had enough to eat because i sneeze 4 or 5 times in a row,Pretty cool there are others!

  151. Kelly Dish says:

    Me too! I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one. I started in my mid thirties. (now 52). I sneeze about 10 to 12 times. I also have a super sense of smell. It seems as if this also came about around the same time I started snoring. I too have a compressed spinal cord at c3,4 & 5? I would love to know if any of this is related or just a part of getting old : )

  152. It has been happening to me for years. I am in my early 40s and most people are surprised by it and they seem concerned and I tell them it is nothing to worry about and I am fine. I usually sneeze between five and 15 times in a row. It may be an annoyance at times but nothing in my opinion that needs medical treatment. I just remind myself not to go crazy at the buffet.

  153. My son and I both sneeze 12 times after we eat. It is a running joke to who it will happen first to. I have been sneezing after a meal for as long as I can think.

  154. I just started sneezing after I eat. It really doesn’t matter if I’m full or not. This started a few weeks ago that I noticed. My husband paid more attention than I did. He brought it to my attention. I don’t have any food allergies that I know of.

  155. Diana Campos says:

    I also start sneezing after I eat…but I start getting congested right away and watery nose….but I actually have the same symtoms when I go into a grocery store…am I allergic to food?

  156. Dr. Oz did not help you at all. All he did was re affirm what you already know. Clearly more than 2 families experience this. Side show act

  157. Just listened to my Dad (91) sneeze about 15 times after eating his lunch. He has done this for years, always after eating, and it can be very annoying to him and to those around him when it happens. So, I thought, what the heck let me just google it and see. Sure enough, lots of people do this. I never did it myself until after I had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy (bariatric surgery) and now will do it also, if I get too full. Sometimes I don’t sneeze, but get the hiccups instead.

  158. I’m 40+ years old and I’ve only ran across one other person that claimed she sneezed when she’s full. I’ve asked doc’s and one ENT, and what he said went in one ear an out the other. I too once asked Dr Oz via fb…no response. Anyway…sad I’m not unique, that there’s others with the same symptons (((smile))). I also sneeze when I get very tired. Here’s one that doesn’t involve sneezing…I can’t get drunk, tipsy yes but not drunk. I start to gag after one to two drinks, like I’m going to vomit…I’ve tried to get drunk, can’t.

  159. Thank you so much for this information. My father did this and I seem to have inherited it!!! It even caused a family squabble so I am glad to hear so many have the same issue.

  160. Sneezing Nurse says:

    The condition is called gustatory rhinitis. People with it sneeze, have a watery nose, or get congested after eating. Any food can trigger symptoms, though the most severe reaction is apparently caused by hot and/or spicy foods and alcohol. Many cold foods can also trigger a series of sneezes, which in the case of gustatory rhinitis, is a neurogenic reflex mechanism (it originates in the nervous system). It is not especially rare. About 15-20% of the American population suffer from gustatory rhinitis, it is hereditary, and can also be ethnically traced with origins in Anglo-Saxon heritage.

  161. I to do this. I sneeze 3 to 4 times after I start feeling full, started in my mid to late 20’s (35 now) I have an uncle that does the same thing, but oddly enough my girlfriend of 6 years started doing it about 2 years ago. She blames it on me as a sympathy type thing I guess, but it is funny to me lol. If there has been studies done I would love to see them. It does not appear though that this strange condition is so rare to me after seeing everyone on here that it happens to.

  162. I do this right after meals, but I sneeze many times – for at least 5 minutes and sometimes up to 15 minutes after eating. It embarasses both my family and myself at restaurants. I go through multiple kleenexes, eyes water and nose runs – but only after a meal. My sisters do the same as does my Dad. I chalked it up to allergies (my Dad has hay fever badly and I am allergic to dust, pollen, nickel and most antibiotics). But it is curious that it typically presents only after a meal, so perhaps could relate to being full.

  163. I have this too! My mom had it and a first cousin also. I’m so very happy to see all the people that have this too. (misery does love company!) After the sneezing stops I usually cough for a little while. I really wish someone would come up with a cure for this!

  164. My mom and I do this!!! She started about 8 years ago with the sneezing after a meal and I started about 2.5 years ago. Other than genetics the only common denominator is she had intestinal bypass in 1974 and I had gastric bypass in 2005. I see lots of comments here (12 total in this small group of commentors, comparatively) of people who do this and have had some sort of bariatric surgery. I wonder if these surgeries accentuate this??? So interesting and nice to know we are not alone!

  165. OK… I have been doing this for 23 years since I was pregnant with my first child and have done it ever since… no one else in my family before me has this disorder however the daughter I was pregnant with now has come down with it about four years ago… three years ago I had gastric bypass surgery and had hoped it would have taken care of the sneezing fits but no such luck… I have just accepted them as a part of my life now and my children or husband just hand me a Kleenex when I’m done… there are worse things in life than sneezing when you’re full :-)

  166. I have had this for 12+ yrs that i recall im 28 now, no surgery, and not only after eating, can be even after to much liquid to where stomach is full, and ill sneeze pretty much till i blow my nose, after that seems to work pretty well or slowed down

  167. My twin sister & I sneeze always after a meal especially when our stomach is full. Whenever we start sneezing after a meal that’s when family & friends realize that we are full

  168. Ashley Rosser says:

    I always sneeze once or twice after I eat and am full, but also when I have an upset stomach that makes my stomach feel full or bloated. Very interesting. I’d love to know more on the pathophysiology of how it works.

  169. Heather Lane says:

    I too suffer with snatiation, not gustatory rhinitis as the Sneezing Nurse suggests. From what I have read there are clear differences, the latter being linked with spicy foods. I do not suffer from ACHOO which again is different and caused by light.
    I feel blessed and unique and according to my kids a freak :-) They find it funny when we are out and I know that if I am lucky I can eat a regular sized dinner and a dessert before the congestion sets in and the sneezing begins.
    I do recall my father suffering the same symptoms which links in nicely with it being a genetic disorder. It’s nice to find some fellow sufferers.

  170. Wow, I didn’t expect to find so many people with this problem. I have dealt with it for over 15 years now, and for a long time I thought I was dealing with food allergies. I could never find a medicine that had any impact on my symptoms and doctors didn’t believe or understand the symptoms I was describing. Then, about a year ago, I severely pulled my back, and the doctor prescribed a muscle relaxer. They didn’t really help my back, but I noticed that the sneezing completely stoped while I was taking the medicine. That’s when I figured out that I was dealing with something other than allergies. Has anyone else experienced this?

  171. I am in my 50s and started this full sneezing 1 year ago. Wow, love to see I’m not alone. Now I will check with my family.

  172. Hi everyone,
    I have been sneezing 3-6 times after eating my whole adult life. The sneezing scene takes often but not after all meals. The intermittences however is not a result of the type of food I eat, nor is it a result of how much I eat. Although from memory, it probably occurs more often after a larger meal than a smaller one. With that said, I’m not even sure it has to do with how fast I eat but there may be a correlation. I guess I will have to do my own study, gather the data, and come to my own conclusions. But as a few have eluded, we have the makings from this thread for a very large sample population for a study.

  173. Marie Hilton says:

    I have had this since I can remember and I am now 34. I also start sneezing when I have had
    Alcohol and unusually just recently when I apply my mascara??

  174. My girlfriend does this

  175. Ive always sneeze after I eat it also happens when I reach my limit with alcohol my dad and uncle also do it when consuming alcohol

  176. I have it. any cure maybe? Been with it all my life and I know it won’t kill me but its a bit annoying. (having one right now after eating a large burrito) :P

  177. marla stults says:

    I sneeze after eating all the time, especially when eating until I am full. I try to eat smaller meals but sometimes when you go to a nice restaurant, you want to eat more food. Sometimes, I sneeze in such rapid succession that I cannot catch a breath. Totally irritating, especially at a nice restuarant and you have to excuse yourself to sneeze your head off in a bathroom stall. Sometimes I sneeze with only eating a small bowl of cereal. That’s what happened after breakfast this morning.


    J Allergy Clin Immunol. 1989 Jan;83(1):110-5.
    Gustatory rhinitis: a syndrome of food-induced rhinorrhea.
    Raphael G1, Raphael MH, Kaliner M.
    Author information

    The consumption of certain foods causes watery rhinorrhea (gustatory rhinitis) in many individuals. To examine the underlying mechanisms responsible for this common phenomenon, 12 subjects ingested control foods and positive foods (foods that cause rhinorrhea). Nasal lavages performed 10 minutes after each food challenge were analyzed for albumin and total protein. Positive food challenge, but not control food challenge, induced rhinorrhea in all subjects. Positive food challenge increased albumin (7.8 +/- 1.9 to 24.5 +/- 7.6 mg/L; p less than 0.025) and total protein (79 +/- 9 to 258 +/- 41 mg/L; p less than 0.001) without altering the ratio of albumin to total protein (albumin percent). Nasal pretreatment with atropine clinically blocked the positive food-induced rhinorrhea and significantly inhibited secretion of both albumin and total protein, again without affecting the albumin percent. Thus, gustatory rhinitis is produced by spicy foods that stimulate atropine-inhibitable muscarinic receptors (probably on submucosal glands), and the syndrome can be treated prophylactically by use of topical atropine.

    [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

  179. Around the age of 23 I started to notice I would have a small sneezing fit when I “had enough” of something.
    Just about the time I start feeling full from eating I will start sneezing, letting everyone at the table know I have no room for dessert.
    About two shots of tequila into a night out with girlfriends, I start sneezing, letting everyone know I’m ready for karaoke now.

  180. I always sneeze when I eat, have since childhood. Am 55 now. I don’t need to be full.

  181. My wife (65) has done this for years now. Just about 7 days a week. Makes no difference if it’s at home or out dining, it just happens. I do know she doesn’t like it!

  182. My husband sneezes every time after he eats a meal. He drives me nuts! Especially in restaurants! After sneezing 5-10 times, he blows & blows his nose and people are looking at him like, “What the heck?”

  183. My Dad, sister and I sneeze 10-12 times after a dinner or large meal. I always thought it was something in the food. Iam 67 and getting worse. I get full very fast and sneeze TIL I can’t breathe any more. So embarrassing when we go out to eat!!

  184. I sneeze 3 times when I’m full. It started 11 years ago after my RYN. I’m 47

  185. My sister always sneezes when she full …I always thought it was the weirdest thing!!…it occurred to Google what causes it lol and found out it was rare

  186. Teresa Pangelina Dickens says:

    My whole family does this! My dad, all my brothers and sisters. Try eight kids all sneezing after dinner. In our house my mother was the only one who didn’t. My own children carry on the tradition. My nieces and nephews, some do and some don’t. I don’t think it is strange at all, but we grew up with it on a daily basis.

  187. Diane Kelnhofer says:

    I have been sneezing after meals for as long as I can remember. I am 51. I agree that it is when I am full. I have always called it my “full meter”. I like the “snatiation” term used earlier. I may just start calling it that as well.

  188. Sharon Williams says:

    My husband has been doing this for years – 7 times after eating mostly bigger meals! I’ve often wondered about it but tonight I finally sat down as he was sneezing and googled it! Glad I did – now he doesn’t think there is anything wrong with him and maybe I won’t look at him every time he does it like he’s strange!!!

  189. Alicia May Fisher says:

    I’ve never heard of anyone else that did this and always thought my family was just weird. My great-grandfather, my grandmother, my father, his sisters, my sister and I all do this. It certainly made for some sneezy holiday meals. It doesn’t seem to matter how much or what we’ve eaten, just that we’ve eaten. My husband always smiles and says he knows that I’ve had my fill.

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