Dr Oz: Swollen Feet Causes, Home Remedies & Pitting Edema


Doctor Oz was asked by a lady what is causes swollen feet?  She told Dr Oz that her feet have been swollen for over a week.  How can you prevent your feet from swelling?  And how do you make the swelling go down? Swollen Feet Home Remedies

Dr Oz pushed on her foot lightly and showed how pushing on her foot creates a pit that takes a few seconds to go away – this is called Pitting Edema.  If you have just one swollen foot or leg, this could be a sign of an infection or a blocked vein in one leg.  If the swelling is in both legs, you could have high blood pressure or the swelling could be caused from standing all day or eating too much salt.

Swollen Feet Home Remedy

Dr Oz suggested that if you have swollen feet, you should elevate your legs above your heart when you sleep at night.  My problem is that I always find that position very hard to sleep in.  Does anyone else have another Swollen Feet Home Remedy?



  1. B Alice says

    I have had terrible pitting edema for a couple of years – so much so that people have asked me numerous times \have you seen a Doctor?\ Well, yes……….I’ve seen several Doctors. And my father plus my mother’s father died from congestive heart failure. I sit all day in front of a computer (getting up throughout the day) and the diuretics prescribed must not have been strong enough. I just quit taking them after a couple of weeks and no results. The swelling is worse through the summers, of course, but seemed to be constant, making my legs feel so heavy. Finally I started studying natural diuretics and found something that worked for me. Every morning (I do skip some days and am ok) I mix 1 cup warm water, 1 TBSP apple cider vinegar, & 1 TBSP honey – the recipe calls for 1 TBSP lemon (which I seldom have on hand) and 1 TBSP ginger (which I don’t add because I don’t like the flavor) – I drink the water, vinegar, & honey, then I take a ginger tablet every day. The swelling is 99% better – I feel so much better, I can now walk every day, even in the heat (which normally saps all the life out of me). Hope this works for you 🙂
    B Alice

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