Dr Oz: Toothpaste Causes Canker Sores: SLS Allergies

Doctor Oz was asked by a woman what she can do to cure her canker sores.  When she gets canker sores, it effects her gums, tongue, speech and sleep.  She has tried Canker Sores Home Remedies like papaya leaves and taking vitamin C.  How to Prevent Canker Sores

How to Prevent Canker Sores

Dr Oz said that you are better off preventing canker sores rather than trying to heal them after you already have them.  You should watch to see if something you are eating is causing canker sores, or you may have traumatized the area.  Normal toothpaste has SLS in it to make it foamy, but if you use natural toothpaste without SLS, you won’t have an allergic reaction.


  1. Sandy S says

    When I was young & had a painful canker sore I asked myself (or God) what to do, The answer was “put salt on it” so I did, I licked my finger & stuck it in salt & put it on the canker sore, & it went away very fast! I’ve always done that & it goes away in a few hours. If it stays I do it again later. Most advice is that it’s caused by too much salt, but it must be caused by a lack of salt. I’ve told many people to put salt on theirs too.

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