Dr Oz: Toxic Shock Syndrome – How Often To Change Tampons?


Doctor Oz was asked about TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome. How can you prevent TSS and do people still get Toxic Shock Syndrome?  How Often To Change Tampons

Dr Oz said that in 1979 a super absorbent tampon came out that let women leave in the tampon for over 24 hours.  Women started to get TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome from leaving their tampons in so long and women started to die from TSS.  Dr Oz said that the absolute maximum we should leave tampons in for is 8 hours.



  1. Sheila says

    In addition to not leaving the tampon in so long, women should choose the lowest-absorbency tampon that is right for their flow to minimize risk of Toxic-Shock Syndrome.

    Philip Tierno Jr., chief of clinical microbiology and immunology at New York University Medical Center and a leading authority on tampon health risks writes in his recent book, The Secret Life of Germs:

    “the number of current cases of TSS is underreported, perhaps significantly so. In 1989, only 45 cases of menstrual TSS were reported to the CDC. But to be reported to the CDC, an incidence of TSS must meet what is called a strict case definition…For every case I see that meets the CDC’s strict case criteria, I see five or more that fit the clinical bill.”

    Dr. Tierno notes that over the past 30 years he has never seen a single case of TSS resulting from the use of a pure cotton tampon.

    Organic cotton tampons contain 100% pure cotton grown without pesticides and not bleached with chlorine.

  2. Lisa Elifritz says

    MY 20 year old daughter died from tampon related TSS on June 13th 2010
    The public needs to be educated on the real dangers of TSS and not the fictional information published by the tampon industry who influence the statistics in the USA. I intend to take this project on through a lifetime mission.
    Lisa Elifritz
    RIP Amy

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