Dr. Oz: Trigger Finger Surgery- Trigger Finger Pain, Treatment & Causes


Doctor Oz was asked by a woman what are Trigger Finger Causes? What can you do for Trigger Finger Pain? Are there good Trigger Finger Treatments? Or should you do the Trigger Finger Surgery?  Trigger Finger Surgery

Trigger Finger Causes:

Dr. Oz said the main Trigger Finger Cause is when you hold something for a long period of time.  So since Dr. Oz’s guest was an artist, it is not surprising that she would have a sever case of Trigger Finger.

Trigger Finger Treatments:

Dr. Oz said that you can take steroids or have Trigger Finger Surgery to fix the problem.  Another idea is to try not to use the hand with the Trigger Finger issue.  Trigger Finger is caused by tendons rubbing on tubes in your arm and getting stuck.


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