Dr Oz: Underactive Thyroids & Brittle Thinning Hair

Doctor Oz was asked about Under-active Thyroids by a lady in his audience (named Porsche… hard to forget a name like that!).  Porsche said that her Underactive Thyroid made her hair brittle and made her feel fatigued.  She wanted to know if Dr Oz knew of anything natural to take instead of Synthroid. Underactive Thyroid

Armour Thyroid vs Synthroid

Dr Oz said that Synthroid is a synthetic, which sometimes people have difficulty with including symptoms like thinning hair or brittle hair.  Another alternative is a medicine called Armour Thyroid.  What I don’t understand is why would people take a synthetic like Synthroid if Armour Thyroid is more natural?  Perhaps someone with more of a medical background could reply in the comment section below.



  1. says

    if i already take a prescribed dose of levothyroxine daily of 88mcg , is it safe for me to take thyroid armour? I feel tired and my doctor says that according to my blood tests I don’t need a higher dose

  2. Alice says

    It’s safe to change over to a natural medication, but do not take both at the same time. Armour Thyroid has changed it’s ingredience in 2009 and many cannot take it anymore. Nature-Throid had changed as well, but people are doing much better on it.
    I called around and ended up paying out of my pocket to find a doctor to prescribe me the natural medication. Too much trouble to change medical groups with my insurance, but it was worth it. You usually can bring your TSH results and the doctor will give you a presciption. No more Synthroid for me.

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