Dr. Oz: Vitamins Women in Menopause Must Take

Doctor Oz was asked by a woman in his audience, what vitamins a woman should take if she is going through menopause.

Dr. Oz said that you can stop taking iron supplements, which can be constipating, when you go through menopause since you don’t have the blood loss from menstruation every month.  You also just take a little Vitamin A, compare to before.  Menopausal women should focus on Omega-3 Supplements


  1. leoni lavis says

    what about vitE ?iread that some are better quaility. Also zinc does that help? Ihave just got an fsh count of 79 back and was given hrt not my fiorst choice but i have ms and have been reasonably well i feel that my estrogen protected me somewhat . i feel i will do HRT but want to support my body while i proceed with this HRT 2to 4 year programm. yours in gratitude

  2. says

    Leoni – I am not a doctor (just Dr. Oz’s biggest fan!)… so I cannot really advise you on this topic. I would try talking to your family doctor and/or an OBGYN.

  3. D Di Giovanni says

    Hello I’m from wpg m.b canada, I was watching the show and happen to catch something about sage oil for menopause or hot flashes.I do not remember the name of the show thanks. oh it true that black cohosh can be harmful to your liver or kidney ? thanks.

  4. says

    Should I be taking Vitamin D. I have been in Menopause for about 2 1/2 years now. I am fair skin, blonde hair, and light eyes person. I heard that if you have fall into this category that I am prone to osteoporosis. Is this true? Is taking Vitamin D a good idea? Right now I am taking 2,000 IU

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