Dr. Oz: What Causes & Cures Greasy Hair?

Doctor Oz was asked about what causes greasy hair and what can be done to cure it.

Dr. Oz said that we have sebaceous glands underneath our hair, and some people’s glands make more oil than others. If you have PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) or higher levels of androgen, then this can also be a cause of oily hair. One tip that Dr. Oz gave for greasy hair is to not brush your hair so much, because it triggers the sebaceous glands to release oil and “milks” the glands.



  1. Noemi says

    that’s all?NO other remedies?Just don’t brush the hair?That stupid.I expected more from Dr.Oz.I don’t brush my hair at all,almost..but is still gets very very greasy,i have to wash it every day.

  2. lacey says

    Yeah, I almost never wash my. I don’t get it, dr. Oz can find remedies for almost everything under the sun, but not greasy hair. Please help

  3. kali says

    You should also wash your hair with dandruff shampoos that have pyrithione zinc in it. This ingrediant cleans the hair good an removes most bacteria. Most shampoos don’t have this ingredient but dandruff shampoo does.

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