Dr. Oz: Why Do I Pass Gas or Fart at Night While I Sleep?

Doctor Oz was asked by Shira, a woman in his audience, why do people pass gas at night while they sleep?

Dr. Oz said that 20% of the gas in our body is from what we swallow, but 80% is from the bacteria in our gut.  The bacteria do not go to sleep when we go to sleep, so it is fairly normal and perfectly fine to pass gas or fart at night.  And if your husband or wife are complaining, tell them that they should be sleeping and not smelling 🙂


  1. Laura says

    “Tell your husband and wife they should be sleeping, not smelling.”
    This is all very well, but when your partner passes gas at such potency that it wakes wife or husband up… it’s not nice! My partner has terrible gas and it’s so strong I’ve not only been woken up by the smell, but he’s woken himself up!

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