Dr. Oz: Why Does It Take Some People a Long Time to Pee?

Doctor Oz was asked by a woman in his audience why it takes her so long to pee… when she pee’s it is literally like a “drip, drip, drip.”  Are there any foods or exercises than can help the flow of her urine be more smooth?

Dr. Oz said that some medications (over-the-counter medicines like antihistamines or prescription medicines like anti-depressants) can cause you to pee very slowly.  Dr. Oz said to pee faster, you can try pushing on your bladder with your hand while you go to the bathroom.  Usually when your bladder is very full and large, it may take a while to pee, but once it gets down to a smaller size, your pee will speed up.  Also, Dr. Oz recommends drinking a lot of fluid to help you to pee quicker.



  1. Melody says

    I had a yeast infection and it caused burning when I peed, now the yeast is gone but I take a long time to pee. Plus my boyfriend now takes forever to pee and it just dribbles a little at a time so he is in the bathroom about 10 minutes. what could be the problem with us not being able to pee.

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