Kassie DePaiva & Stomach Pain At Night: Ask Dr. Oz Soap Edition

Kassie DePaiva from the soap opera One Life to Live was on the Doctor Oz show to ask about her excruciating stomach pain in the middle of the night.  Kassie wakes up at night and has extremely bad and intense pain in her stomach – she said she feels like she is going to die.  She has even been to the emergency room 3 times.Stomach Pain from Gall Stones

Stomach Pain At Night – Gall Stones

Dr Oz said that nighttime stomach pain is usually from gall stones.  Gall stones fit inside of  your gall bladder, and if you are overweight or eating the wrong foods, then your gall bladder can get blocked by a gall stone and cause extreme stomach pain.

Four F’s of Gall Stones:

The four adjectives that describe the people who most often get gall stones are:

1.  Fat

2.  Female

3.  Fertile

4.  Forty


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