Walt Willey, Hepatitis C & Chinese Remedies: Dr. Oz Soap Edition

Walt Willey from the soap opera All My Children was on the Doctor Oz show to ask a question for his friend about Hepatitis C.  Willey’s friend has had Hepatitis C for over 20 years, even before there was a letter after the word Hepatitis, and has been using a variety of different traditional Chinese medications.  What Western medications or natural home remedies are good for hepatitis C?Milk Thistle Tea

What is Hepatitis C?

Dr Oz explained that Hepatitis C goes into our blood streams which go to the blood vessels in our livers.  In our liver cells, the Hepatitis C releases its proteins, which get replicated so that more Hepatitis C cells are created.  As this pattern repeats, your live shrinks and get scarred, which is why you get cirrhosis of the liver.

What Does Liver Cirrhosis Look Like?

Dr Oz showed a liver with cirrhosis and it was pale in color, because the blood supply shuts down in the liver when you get cirrhosis.  Also, there were little stones or bumps that you could feel in the liver’s surface, almost like goose pimples.

Chinese Remedy for Hepatitis C: Milk Thistle

Dr Oz said that a traditional Chinese remedy or medicine for Hepatitis C is Milk Thistle or Milk Thistle Tea, which stimulates the protein in the liver to regenerate itself.  Dr Oz also said that the liver is able to re-make itself better than any other organ in our body.


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