Weight Loss During Menopause: Women’s Middle Age Weight Loss Dr Oz


Doctor Oz was asked by a woman about Weight Loss During Menopause.  Why is it easier for men to lose weight when they get older than it is for middle aged women to lose weight?  Weight Loss During Menopause

Dr Oz said that Weight Loss During Menopause is difficult because menopause makes your ovaries stop producing estrogen and testosterone.  Testosterone helps you to make muscles, so Weight Loss During Menopause is hard when your testosterone goes down and you stop making muscle.  Dr. Oz said muscle burns a dozen times more calories than fat when you are using your muscle.



  1. That's all well and good but HOW do I lose this weight?? says

    In 2009 @ the age of 48 I was diagnosed with estrogen positive, stage I breast cancer. I have no family history of breast cancer, started menstrating at an early age, had an etopic pregnancy which was twins that had moved up thru my tubes (no damage), implanted on my bladder and were growing there until I almost died of internal bleeding @ age 23. Since that time I had horrible periods with doctors constantly asking where I was losing all the blood from that time of the month??? I had the OncoType 2 test done on my cancer tumor and was told chemo in addition to my 6 weeks of radiation would only increase my chances of no recurrence by 12%! I opted out of chemo and today 5/23/12 remain NED (no evidence of disease) w/mammograms every 6 mos. I was also put on tamoxifen in December of 2010 for a 5 yr. period. In 2004 I had a tubal ablation(?) to stop or minimize my periods!! Yahoo It worked. In June of 2012 my OBGYN found two suspicious growths on my uterus and suggested a radical hysterectomy. Scared straight after my last cancer bout, I of course, agreed wholeheartedly. I had the robotic Da Vinci hysterectomy and it went fabulously however my medical oncologist switched me from my tamoxifen (gained 8 lbs on it) to Femara and I have now gained 20 lbs!! I am 5′ 4 1/2″, am a 36 DDD with long legs and no waist. I know my hormones are running crazy in my body but this is RIDICULOUS and very, very depressing. The hot flashes wouldn’t even be sooo bad if they melted fat at the same time!! If anyone has any suggestions they are greatly appreciately!!

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