Dr Oz: Exercise & Foods To Help Cure Bloating & Sweat Harness Review


Dr Oz: Miso Soup Cures Bloating

Dr. Oz was answering the most awkward questions of all time and nothing was off limits. He has already addressed concerns about butt boils, orgasms while exercising and mucous in your poop. Could you believe there is anything more awkward than any of those? Keep reading to see what the number one most awkward question of all time is about and what Dr. Oz has for advice to help with it.

Dr Oz: P.D.A. – 2nd Most Embarrassing Question Of All Time

Dr. Oz said he is giving new meaning to the term P.D.A. because his next embarrassing question involves Public Displays of Awkwardness. You know them when you see them and if you experience them you are probably embarrassed and mortified and wishing that you could put them to an end immediately! Dr. Oz said the P.D.A. that most people seemed to complain about was their arm pit sweating, which leaves huge embarrassing areas of wetness on their shirts.


  1. Christie says

    Where do you get the sweat harness? My daughter is a nurse and really needs something that will stay in place and avoid the excess sweat on her scrubs. Women in labor don’t need to see their nurse sweating bullets. Thanks.

  2. John says

    I am trying to find out how to purchase the sweat harness. I sweat as if there a waterfall under my arms. when I on my computer and I just start wetting bullets for apparent reason. I cant wear light colored shirts because of it and its embarrassing can you please help me.

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