Dr Oz: Most Awkward Questions Of All Time! How to Treat Butt Pimples

By on February 13, 2013

Dr Oz: What Is a Vurp?

Today’s Dr. Oz show was filled with the most awkward questions of all time! It was a show that you’d either love or it would have you squirming uncomfortably in your chair, but either way it was informative and maybe even answered one of your most embarrassing questions!

Dr Oz: What Is a Reverse Wedgie?

In the past, Dr. Oz has needed to create new medical terms so he could describe some of your most awkward questions. Remember the term “ghost poop,” which is when you wait so long to go to the bathroom and then you do not have to go anymore? Or how about “vurp,” which is when you burp and a little vomit goes into your mouth? What about the dreaded “reverse wedgie,” which is when your pants are too tight in the crotch area? Dr. Oz said if you think those are awkward, you have not seen anything yet!

Dr Oz: Butt Boils – 5th Most Embarrassing Question Of All Time

Dr. Oz talked with a woman who coined the term “butt boils” in order to describe her awkward situation. She said they are often so big they cause her to walk funny and when she sits down it feels like she is sitting on two golf balls. Dr. Oz explained that boils are basically super-sized pimples, which are caused by hair follicles under the skin that have become infected. He said that if you leave them alone they will grow and eventually pop, which is the best thing to do because you should never poke or pick at them, but he also offered advice to help treat the boils.

Dr Oz: Most Awkward Questions Of All Time! How to Treat Butt Pimples

Dr Oz said the best way to treat butt boils, which are pimples on your behind, is to soak in a bath with Epsom Salts.

Dr. Oz recommended sitting in a bath with warm water and Epsom salts because the Epsom salt with work to gently bring the boil to the surface of your skin so it can pop naturally without causing any irritation to your skin. Dr. Oz does suggest seeing your doctor if boils are something that you experience on a regular basis because there are ways to figure out the cause and maybe prevent them in the future.

Dr Oz: “Jogasm” – 4th Most Embarrassing Question Of All Time

Dr. Oz’s next guest shared a problem that he had never heard of before today. She explained that sometimes when she out for a run she will experience an orgasm. Dr. Oz decided they needed to coin a term for this, so he came up with “Jogasm” as a way to describe this woman’s concern. He explained that it is actually pretty common for women when they are exercising, which could be good motivation to work out, according to Dr. Oz. He said when you run, it causes friction similar to what happens when you are having intercourse. He said you are also releasing hormones and your endorphins are going crazy as you get a runner’s “high,” again similar to what you feel during love making. Eventually all of that could lead to an orgasm! Dr. Oz recommended wearing underwear that is not so tight if you want to avoid this embarrassing situation.

Dr Oz: “Moop” – 3rd Most Embarrassing Question Of All Time

The next most awkward question of all time came from a woman who explained that she experiences mucous in her poop a few days after eating spicy foods. Dr. Oz decided a good name for this would be “moop” for obvious reasons. He explained you can avoid experiencing a similar problem by adding more healthy fats to your diet, especially when you eat spicy foods. Try consuming things like olives, peanut butter and avocados.

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  1. Hi: Along with the ladies most embarrasing questions, there was one woman who complained about moisture under her breasts

    I do also and want to know which product is best for that problem. It’s not only wet but at times it’s itchy.

    Thanks for your reply

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