Dr Oz: Witch Hazel Itchy Butt Remedy & Nickel Testing Kit for Jewelry


Dr Oz: Awkward Questions Answered

Are there questions you would like to ask your doctor, but always feel too uncomfortable or nervous? Do you keep them to yourself for fear that it would just be too awkward? Well, today Dr. Oz is saving you the embarrassment because he is answering your most shocking questions, no matter how awkward they may seem. On today’s show, That’s Awkward: Questions You Would Never Ask Your Doctor, Doctor Oz says nothing is off limits, not even what you are leaving in your toilet bowl.

Dr. Oz’s Solutions for Your Most Awkward Situations

Have you ever done or said something so awkward it left you cringing and wishing you could run and hide? Have you ever felt like you could die from the embarrassment of because of something that just accidentally came out of your mouth or other part of your body? Maybe have been the witness to another person’s awkward moment and were not sure how to handle it. Do you tell someone their shirt is on inside out or would you shake a person’s hand right after watching them sneeze into it? Dr. Oz says it happens to all of us at one time or another and he has the solutions to make these times a little less uncomfortable.

Dr Oz: Why Does My Butt Itch?

Dr Oz: Witch Hazel Itchy Butt Remedy & Nickel Testing Kit for Jewelry

Dr. Oz says Witch Hazel moist wipes with soothe and heal an itchy butt.

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