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Dr. Oz: Bevy Smith Beauty Blunders Dr. Oz talked to Bevy Smith from Fashion Queens about great do-it-yourself beauty tips that you can find online. These days, you can find a lot of advice on beauty online, but can you always trust it? Bevy and Dr. Oz helped sort through the nonsense. Dr. Oz: Get Rid of […]

Dr. Oz: What is Folliculitis? Dr. Oz talked about the three biggest rashes women complain about the most. Dr. Oz asked three women from the audience to touch something in a mystery box that represented the first skin rash. The ladies said it felt like big and small bumps and it was wet and gooey. […]

Dr. Oz: Skin Problems Dr. Oz talked about how to fix terrible skin problems. He talked to dermatologist Dr. Ellen Marmur, who said a lot of people are scared to admit their skin problems to their doctors. They’re more likely to go to the internet. The problem is that when you Google something, you’re guessing […]

Dr. Oz: Finding the Right Foundation Dr. Oz talked about how to find the right foundation for your skin tone. Anna from the audience is a lighter-skinned black woman who said that finding the right foundation is very hard, especially since there are so many makeup options out there. Lois was also from the audience and […]

Dr. Oz: Stop Fat Shaming Yourself Dr. Oz talked to the “Curvanista,” Denise Caldwell, a fashion and beauty expert. She came by Dr. Oz to talk about how many people fat shame themselves in dressing rooms while buying clothes. She said the lights are not always flattering and the clothes might look good on the mannequins, but […]

Dr. Oz: 99 Ways to Look Better in Jeans Dr. Oz has been talking about 99 new uses for things. In the past, he’s talked about new uses for things like aluminum foil and soda and in this episode, he’s explored new uses for things like wine and sugar. But this segment was all about […]

Dr. Oz: Alda Seeks to Change Fashion Industry Dr. Oz talked about the unhealthy quest for perfection in the fashion industry. There is a group of plus sized models trying to change the industry. In the modeling industry, a size 0 is what most models have. But these days, models that don’t fit the mold […]

Dr. Oz: Dangers of Botched Injections Dr. Oz talked to the stars of the show Botched about the worst celebrity plastic surgery disasters. He showed a clip of a trangender woman explaining that she went to a “pumping party,” which is a party people hold at their home to inject fillers into their face. In this case, […]

Dr. Oz: How to Get a Younger Neck Dr. Oz talked about how to get a younger looking neck with the help of image dermatologist Dr. Jeanine Downie, who said the skin of the neck is some of the thinnest skin on the body. It ages faster as a result. Women also often forget to […]

Dr Oz: What’s Your Aging Type? Dr Oz said that you can learn your aging type and use that information to change the way you will look decades into the future. The first step in finding out which foods are best for your health is to learn your aging type. The three most common types […]

Dr. Oz: Unsafe Teeth Whitening Dr. Oz sent investigative journalist Elisabeth Leamy to find out about the rising trend of teeth whitening scams. She went undercover to several teeth whitening places at mall kiosks, day spas, and tanning parlors. Wherever she went, she asked if they had a dentist on site to tell clients if […]

Dr. Oz: Christie Brinkley Anti-Aging Secrets Supermodel Christie Brinkley has long been called one of the most beautiful women in the world. Today, she came by Dr. Oz to talk about her anti-aging secrets. Christie Brinkley said that she’s very grateful for her life and everything in it. She said your age is ultimately determined […]

Dr. Oz: Benefits of Coconut Oil Dr. Oz talked about the benefits of coconut oil. It turns out it’s not just for healthy cooking. Dr. Oz had plenty of other great uses for it on his show today. Dr. Oz: Coconut Oil Removes Earwax Coconut oil can remove earwax. Normally, you might get earwax out […]

Dr. Oz: How Clean Is Your Nail Salon? Dr. Oz wondered how clean our nail salons are, so he launched an undercover investigation. Many women go to the nail salon for pretty nails every month or even every week. But how safe is it? He talked to Athena Elliott, a nail technician from Safe Salon […]

Dr. Oz: Thinning Hair Dr. Oz kicked off his show by saying up to half of women will experience thinning hair by age 50. This is not the total baldness nightmare you’re having when reading that sentence, but more subtle, irritating thinness like the scalp showing through or the part getting a little wider. Marcy, […]

Dr. Oz: Hair Emergencies Dr. Oz wanted to talk about hair emergencies, so he asked his hair expert Nikki Walton, also known as Curly Nikki, to open up a “Hair ER.” Nikki Walton said she was up for any challenge. So Dr. Oz called someone down from the audience to test Curly Nikki’s skills. Dr. […]

Dr. Oz: Bananas for Dry Foot Skin Dr. Oz talked about the fastest fixes for dry skin that only cost $1. The first issue Dr. Oz tackled was dry foot skin. Dr. Oz chose a volunteer named Samantha. She’s a runner and has a lot of dry, cracked skin. She also eats plenty of bananas, […]

Dr. Oz: What is Rosacea? Dr. Oz talked about a condition that often goes undiagnosed in women called Rosacea. Lauren has rosacea. She’s had it for over 10 years. She said people will stop her in the street and ask her about the redness or give unsolicited tips. Rosacea looks like acne, but it’s very […]

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