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Dr Oz: Does Colon Cleansing Help You Lose Weight? Dr. Oz says there are a lot of products out there promising to improve your life, but it can often be hard to tell what is healthy and what is hype, so today he is playing a little game to help you tell the difference and […]

Dr Oz: Age-Defying Beauty Tips Have you ever wished you could defy your age and turn back the clock? If so, today’s Dr. Oz Show is the one for you because he has tips and tricks to help you look and feel younger, including natural remedies that really work! Dr Oz: Cinnamon Honey Anti-Aging Face […]

Dr Oz: What Causes Hunger? Do you feel hungry right now? Are you always looking for something to eat? If so, you are probably not alone, which is why Dr. Oz picked an Assistant of the Day to help him explain what causes your hunger and why it is important to eat consistently throughout the […]

Dr Oz: Beauty Buzzwords to Avoid Is the beauty industry trying to trick you? Dr. Oz enlisted Jamie Kopf, editor at Shopsmart Magazine, to find out which beauty buzzwords are most likely to get you to buy a product with your hard-earned money. Dr Oz: Hypoallergenic Definition Jamie Kopf says there are several buzzwords that […]

Dr Oz: Laser Therapy to Remove Varicose Veins Do you often hide behind pants and long skirts due to embarrassing varicose or spider veins? If so, today is your lucky day because has a few new ways to make your veins vanish and it is easier than you might think! Dr Oz: Hide Spider Veins […]

Dr Oz: Pituitary Gland Metabolism Link If you have tried every trick in the book to lose weight, but nothing seems to work then this is the Dr. Oz Show for you because he has ways to reignite your metabolism to help you burn fat like never before and it all starts in the brain. […]

Dr Oz: Shark Tank on Dr Oz Are you familiar with the show Shark Tank? The “Sharks” are tough self-made millionaires and today they are joining Dr. Oz to choose the best viewer home remedies that everyone can use! Check out their ideas and see which one you would consider buying for yourself. Dr Oz: […]

Dr Oz: How Often Should You Shampoo Your Hair? Everyday habits like shampooing, brushing and blow-drying your hair can cause a lot of wear and tear, so Dr. Oz asked a celebrity stylist to share easy ways to protect your hair and keep it from getting damaged. Dr Oz: Castor Oil Hair Protectant Kyle White […]

Dr Oz: How to Prevent Razor Bumps Dr. Oz says it does not matter what time of year it is because embarrassing health moments can happen anytime, so today he is sharing some of the most awkward ones that tend to strike in the summer months. Dr Oz: Is It Safe to Pee in a […]

Dr Oz: At Home Hi-Tech Tools To Banish Wrinkles Everyone wants to get rid of wrinkles, and Dr Oz had some ideas that should help you take years off your look at home, without making expensive appointments or going broke. Dr Oz featured two new products you can try to get rid of those unwanted […]

Dr Oz: Secret Ways Your Personality Type Is Aging You How would you classify your personality type? Whatever it is, dermatologist Dr Doris Day told Dr Oz that it could be aging your face. But there is something you can do about it, from eye cream to a night guard and Hyaluronic Acid. “There’s no […]

Dr Oz: What Causes Hives? Have you ever suddenly broke out in hives, but had no idea why? Today Dr. Oz explains what causes hives and the best way to treat them, but first he asked for an Assistant of the Day to help him show you why these red, itchy rashes sometimes show up […]

Dr Oz: Foods That Fight Aging Every year women spend a fortune on gels, creams, and serums in an attempt to turn back the clock, but today Dr. Oz has an easier and cheaper way to do it with foods to help you look younger. Dr Oz: How Guava Fruit Fights Wrinkles Dr. Oz says […]

Dr Oz: Tips to Prevent Cleavage Wrinkles It is hard enough to deal with wrinkles on your face, but today Dr. Oz is talking about wrinkles in a different area of the body that many women can probably relate to. Cleavage wrinkles are embarrassing, but Dr. Oz says he has a few easy solutions to […]

Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips Have you tried everything to keep your face from aging, but nothing seems to work? Dr. Oz says it could be due to moisturizing mistakes you are making without even realizing it, so he asked an expert explain what you are doing wrong and what you can do to […]

Dr Oz: Things Beauty Salons Don’t Want You To Know Do you love going to the salon? Dr Oz had some warnings before you make your next appointment. Molly Nover-Baker, beauty director for Women’s Health, helped Dr Oz expose these truths. What do you need to know before your next Pedicure, Haircut, or Wax? Dr […]

Dr Oz: Biggest Cellulite Myths Dr Oz helped to bust some of the biggest Cellulite myths that we keep believing. If you think you are stuck with it or you understand the cause, you might learn something new. He recommended a Dry Brush and Caffeine or Retinol Cream. The dimpled skin of Cellulite is something […]

Dr Oz: Avocado Hair Mask When is comes to aging have you ever thought about your hair? Dr. Oz says years of wear and tear can take a toll on your hair, but he has three easy tests to figure out your hair’s “real” age and the fixes to make it look and feel younger. […]