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Dr. Oz: How Clean Is Your Nail Salon? Dr. Oz wondered how clean our nail salons are, so he launched an undercover investigation. Many women go to the nail salon for pretty nails every month or even every week. But how safe is it? He talked to Athena Elliott, a nail technician from Safe Salon […]

Dr. Oz: Thinning Hair Dr. Oz kicked off his show by saying up to half of women will experience thinning hair by age 50. This is not the total baldness nightmare you’re having when reading that sentence, but more subtle, irritating thinness like the scalp showing through or the part getting a little wider. Marcy, […]

Dr. Oz: Hair Emergencies Dr. Oz wanted to talk about hair emergencies, so he asked his hair expert Nikki Walton, also known as Curly Nikki, to open up a “Hair ER.” Nikki Walton said she was up for any challenge. So Dr. Oz called someone down from the audience to test Curly Nikki’s skills. Dr. […]

Dr. Oz: Bananas for Dry Foot Skin Dr. Oz talked about the fastest fixes for dry skin that only cost $1. The first issue Dr. Oz tackled was dry foot skin. Dr. Oz chose a volunteer named Samantha. She’s a runner and has a lot of dry, cracked skin. She also eats plenty of bananas, […]

Dr. Oz: What is Rosacea? Dr. Oz talked about a condition that often goes undiagnosed in women called Rosacea. Lauren has rosacea. She’s had it for over 10 years. She said people will stop her in the street and ask her about the redness or give unsolicited tips. Rosacea looks like acne, but it’s very […]

Dr. Oz: Does Makeup Provide SPF Coverage? Dr. Oz talked on his show about beauty industry secrets and how we can outsmart them. He talked to cosmetic chemist Perry Romanowski about the beauty industry. The first revelation is that the SPF found in foundations and powders may offer less protection from the sun than you […]

Dr Oz: Happy Feet We need our feet all day every day to get us around. That’s why it’s important to keep them looking and feeling great. Dr Oz asked some experts to visit his show and share their solutions to your biggest foot problems. Try a Callus Home Remedy or exercise your heel to relieve pain. […]

Dr Oz & Jennifer Lopez International superstar Jennifer Lopez was Dr Oz’s guest for a discussion about bodies, beauty, and love. Be sure to try her Berry Good Smoothie! She broke the mold and helped make curves cool. Dr Oz wondered whether all those years under scrutiny in the spotlight had taken their toll on the performer. Lopez […]

Dr Oz: Winter Beauty Care Each season of the year can bring its own beauty challenges. Dr Oz suggested ways you can make sure to protect yourself and look great throughout the winter months. His suggestions tackled dry hands, frizzy hair, and dry eyes. Dr Oz: Nighttime Hand Moisturizer First, Dr Oz talked about Dry Hands. How […]

Dr Oz: Microwave Magic Most of us have a microwave in the kitchen, and while it’s great for zapping leftovers, Dr Oz shared a lot of things you never knew you could do with it, from maximizing makeup to removing stamps. Check out all the crazy ideas shared on the show. Dr Oz: Microwave Mascara […]

Dr. Oz: Chemical Peels for Rejuvenated Skin Dr. Oz talked about special anti-aging acids to rejuvenate the skin, to solve problems like discoloration, wrinkles, and dry skin. For this segment, he spoke to dermatologist Dr. Ellen Marmur, who has done chemical peels to her own face to get rid of brown spots. Dr. Oz explained […]

Dr. Oz: Gray Hair Dr. Oz talked about how to get rid of graying hair. Dr. Oz introduced Deanna, who held up a picture of herself taken before her hair started to turn gray. Now, she’s a little grayer. Deanna said her hair was jet black before and she always got compliments on it. In […]

Dr Oz: Feel Like a 10 Anti-Aging Plan Dr Oz wants everyone to look and feel their best, which is the motivation behind the Feel Like a 10 plan he is featuring on his show. This time, he turned the spotlight to the hot topic of Anti-Aging, with some help from Liz Vaccariello of Reader’s Digest. To […]

Dr. Oz: Your Hair Style Could Be Causing Your Hair Loss Dr. Oz talked about how your hair style might be causing your hair loss. He talked to “Curly Nikki,” psychotherapist Nikki Walton. She said many women assume that chemical straightening and heat styling are the only things that can damage your hair. But there […]

Dr. Oz: Lisa Vanderpump Dog Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump came by Dr. Oz to give some of her anti-aging secrets. But first, she explained her dog wasn’t with her was because the dog suffers from alopecia and New York was too cold for him. So he was still back in L.A. Dr. Oz: […]

Dr. Oz: Women Losing Hair Dr. Oz has been talking to Shawn, a woman who is struggling with thinning hair and hair loss. Dr. Oz introduced the 35-year-old to Dr. Elizabeth Boham, a hair expert, functional medicine physician, and nutritionist. Dr. Boham said it’s very common for women to have some of the problems Shawn […]

Dr Oz: Cellulite Remedies It happens to most people, whether they like it or not. He shared his Cellulite Prescription to help you reduce the appearance and feel more self-confident. One audience member bravely wore shorts, which she said is abnormal for her. But she wanted to show her Cellulite, which she felt looked like cottage […]

Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Foods When you look in the mirror, what is your biggest aging complaint? Dr Oz invited a dermatologist and a food expert to help him share an Anti-Aging Diet that he said can start to change your appearance in just one week. You are what you eat, according to dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick, who said that the […]

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