Dr Oz: 10-Second Healthy Hair Test + What Causes Hunger?


Dr Oz: What Causes Hunger?

Do you feel hungry right now? Are you always looking for something to eat? If so, you are probably not alone, which is why Dr. Oz picked an Assistant of the Day to help him explain what causes your hunger and why it is important to eat consistently throughout the day.

Dr Oz: How Often Should You Eat to Lose Weight?

Dr. Oz says hunger begins in the stomach, which sends out hormones that signal the brain to tell the rest of your body it is time to eat. He explains that you need to eat something every couple hours in order to control your hunger hormone, especially if you are trying to lose weight.

Dr Oz: Natural Hair Tips Marie Simone Smith

Dr Oz: 10-Second Healthy Hair Test + What Causes Hunger?

Take the 10-Second Healthy Hair Test! Stylist Marie Simone Smith shares tips to embrace your natural hair.


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